Sunday, January 5, 2014

no carb, no calorie rice

The other day, Tyler was making stir fry for dinner
while I was working, again, on a house plan.
I suggested rice
(in addition the the thinly sliced cabbage we usually eat it on)
to which Tyler replied, "You'll need to make it."
(He doesn't really multi task in the kitchen.)
So I hopped up, turned on the burner,
pulled the pressure cooker down from the cabinet,
set it on the stove,
measured 3 1/2 c water
and dumped it in the pot.
I set the lid, unsealed, on the pot so it would boil more quickly.
I intended to grab a pound of rice from the pantry and set it on the stove,
but in my hurry to get back to work, I forgot.
I called to Tyler, "line 1, 22 minutes" as I headed back into the LEM.

We sat down to eat about 25 minutes later.
Tyler opened up the pressure cooker
and stuck in the serving spoon.
(yes. the pots go on the table. we're fancy like that)
He gave a stir.
He stood up an looked in the pot
then looked at me incredulously.
"You never put the rice in?!"


He had noticed that I didn't have the lid sealed,
(because the rice wasn't in it yet...)
and  decided that rather than call attention to my 'error', he'd just seal it.

So we cooked water (at line 1) for 22 minutes.

Oh, how we roared!

Lex' didn't really see the humor and was a little upset at the lack of rice,
but we grabbed a small bag of cooked wild rice out of the freezer
and the rice monster was quickly appeased.

If you ever want to make no calorie, no carb rice, now you know how to ;-)

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