Thursday, January 23, 2014


I've given myself a deadline of Feb 6th.
That's when the olympics begin,
and I want to have this all put together and the machine quilting part finished by then.
That way, I can sit on my butt do the hand-quilting while I watch all the athletic people.

Monday I was going to cut my batting
(you remember - that's what I use to lay out the quilt, and then it's already ready when I'm ready to baste :-)
but then I got scared;
I'd never cut a piece of batting that much longer than my measuring board.
See - the batting is 90 inches wide (it's folded in half on the roll - making it 45 inches but that's neither here nor there...)
So what I do, having never before made a quilt longer than 90 inches,
is cut my batting to the width of the quilt, and use the width of the batting for the length of the quilt.
This blasted quilt is 80x92, so I had to cut a piece 96 inches long.
My board is only 72 inches.
My fear of cutting the batting inaccurately, (well, and maybe how busy I was with other things, too, a little bit...)
kept me from cutting it for 3 days.
Yes, I realize I am a stupid wimp.
I just made myself do it today,
and felt so silly for being scared.
Really! What was the worst that could happen?

I cut the batting, tacked it up on the wall
and started laying out the quilt.
(Then I wondered why the heck did I have to cut it so huge?)

And now, 
I've run into a bit of a problem.
(a real problem.)

The stars (yes - I still need to fix that one...) 
look fabulous.
(although, not perfect, but oh well.)

But when I added the border section - ugh!

It totally draws attention away from the the stars of the quilt.
(get it? the stars are the stars... hehe)

And it looked so nice on paper, too.

So now I need to figure out what to do....
(but one thing's for sure. I am not making more stars!)


  1. Your stars are looking great and I totally understand not wanting to make more. I'm sure you'll work out a solution for the border, one which will enhance the stars and not overpower them. Sometimes it just takes more thinking and time for new ideas to settle.

  2. The stars are beautiful, but you're right, the borders do overwhelm them. What about doing a 2 inch border in something bright, a 1 inch border in white and then however big is left in another color or back to the first color you did? That way you can keep your corner stars, but the border doesn't take away from the star of the show.

  3. THOSE STARS ARE AWESOME!! and YOU WILL figure the rest!
    because YOU are AWESOME too!


  4. what mom said!! beautiful!!


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