Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the ditz returns

I was taking my supplements this afternoon.
I grabbed the bottle of D3 and it rattled.
"Hmm," I thought.
"I thought I was out of D. Hmm."
(I know - this is a horrible time to be out of vitamin D. More is coming...)
I opened the bottle and as I poured 2 pills into my hand, I thought,
"Huh! I didn't remember these being red!"
I popped them in my mouth.

They were red hots.

I'd bought them for Christmas goodies 
and hid them from myself in the empty bottle, 
intending to give them to the girls to use as pills for their doctor kit.

Goodness, I miss my brain!


  1. can't tell you how familiar that sounds! different items, different times but, some how the same thing. just embrace it!
    love you,

  2. love you too, Mom.
    (kinda hard to embrace... ;-) but I did have a good laugh at myself :-)

  3. there you go! a good laugh is a good thing!


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