Friday, January 17, 2014

four-week fitness update

It's been 4 weeks since my last one,
so it's time for another fitness update.
(It's been 4 weeks? How does time fly so fast?!)

I ended up skipping a few days of exercise around Christmas
but I got right back to consistent daily (except Sundays) exercise Jan 2nd.

About 5 weeks ago, I added in 30 Day Shred.
Mon, Wed, and Friday, I'd do that,
and Tues, Thurs, and Saturday, I'd do 2 days worth of 8 Minutes in the Morning, plus my extras.

After about 2 weeks of that routine,
I started noticing that I actually felt a little better after exercising
on the days I did 30 Day Shred (which combines cardio and strength training).
(I hadn't ever noticed an improved mood/frame of mind after just strength training exercises)

A few days after that realization, 
Tyler told me he thought I needed to be doing more cardio.
He'd been talking with a buddy of his about weight loss...
As you might imagine,
it kinda ticked me off a little bit,
Mr Skinnypants telling me what I needed to do to lose weight, 
but I knew he was right.
~ sigh ~
So ever since then,
I've either done 30 day shred or I've done this and added in squats, crunches, and chest flies.
I got tired of doing the inverted pullups - I don't seem to be making any progress
and my arms and shoulders are already perpetually sore thanks to Jillian.

The good news is,
it's getting a little easier, this daily exercise thing.
And I don't cry so much.
The bad news is, my knees and my right heel hurt pretty much all the time now.
(but the knee pain is not the possible-meniscus-tear knee pain, thank the Lord!)

We've purchased a mini trampoline 
(which is quite huge in this tiny house) in an attempt to lessen the pain,
and I just got a couple of books that might help me figure out what supplements I need.
The first one, I tossed aside pretty quickly,
but the second, The Mood Cure, actually caused a feeling of hope to swell up in me.
Of course, that hopeful feeling was quickly consumed by being flat overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out.

I don't know, I think maybe I need to eat more?
I don't really think eating less is an option...
It's kinda hard to know what I need
when no matter when and what I eat,
and how much or how little,
the scale (and apparently, the tape measure, too) is going to do it's own dadgum thing.
It's downright disheartening.

I still haven't made an appointment with my Dr.
(I don't really know why I'm dragging my feet on that.)
I did make up a fancy chart though,
after carefully taking notes for the past 4 months.

If you flip it upside down,
that's pretty much how the scale moves.
Pretty sure it's related.

And I'm pretty tired of spending the bulk of my life
(haha - bulk of my life ~ oh, I tickle myself... ahem.)
doing eh. ok. and worse.
For a long time, I was fine with that,
because it's sooo much better than
of every. single. day.
not so good,
and way way worse.

Here are the not at all impressive numbers.
After all that hard work (and cardio ;-)
I am down a whopping 1.8 lbs.
In 4 weeks.
Like I said - not impressive.
But hey, I'll take it.
Especially when statistically, obese people gain 5 lbs over the holidays.
And it's better than the .6 I lost in the previous 4 weeks...

Measurement wise, this is what's going on:
neck - down 1/8"
upper bust - increased by 3/8" (increased by 3/4" last month. what gives?!)
no change in the bust measurement
ribs - down 5/8"
down 1/2" in my waist
and 3/8 in my hips
down 1/4" each in my thighs, knees and calves
and my wrists are 1/8" smaller

For the amount of effort I am expending, these results are pretty pitiful
and I'm not going to bother with pictures again,
because, really.

Moving forward,
I'm just going to keep plugging along.
Maybe I can actually make some headway in the supplement department, thanks to my new book,
and I can start feeling like myself again.
I have a sneaking suspicion that whenever that finally happens,
my body will let go of the weight more easily.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have an appointment
 with Jillian


  1. Well I am pretty impressed with your tenacity! Just keep on keepin on.... I think that your short term results are slow but in a year from now you will see a major improvement ! Now if I could just do as good as you are!!!! love you bunches!

  2. Love you bunches too!!
    (it helps that I just work out at home - not as big of a time commitment since I don't have to drive anywhere. or look decent ;-)


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