Wednesday, January 8, 2014

slip and slide

My first clue
should have been when I nearly slid right off the steps.
My second,
when I nearly fell, again, as I rounded the corner by the Excursion.
I made a mental note to tell Tyler.
I have no clue.

The first time I realized I may have made an error in judgment,
deciding to try out the local library this cold rainy day, since our $40 a yr card to the FSM library had expired,
was when I neared Kibler Road
and saw the cars moving r e a l l y slowly.

But it wasn't until I pulled slowly out onto Kibler
and the rear end of my big ole vehicle
slid pretty near sideways
that I knew.

Any remaining doubt, if there was any, 
(which, there wasn't)
would have been gone when I applied the brakes to pull into the Dollar General parking lot to turn around,
but instead,
just slid on by.

We managed to make it to the gas station and turn around there,
then s l o w l y slipped and slid all the way back home.

I do not drive on ice.
New and exciting books will have to wait.

Lily is worried about Daddy having a comfortable place to sleep at work tonight.

I had planned on shopping this afternoon
(my previous 'shopping while in town for TKD' system was causing me no end of stress
so I was planning to try out a new shopping system this year.
Which would begin with a trip to the library.
Which would keep the natives thoroughly occupied at home for the afternoon
while I shopped.
Good plan, no?)
I had planned to shop,
so somehow, I feel as if I've gotten a bonus afternoon off.
(never mind that I still need to implement the new shopping plan some other day....)
I think I'll sew :-)
Which is a much nicer way to pass the day
than say
slip-sliding all over the road.

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  1. yes, sewing would be better than slipping and sliding on icy roads!
    glad you made it back home ok!


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