Friday, November 6, 2015

patchwork towels

My first completed Christmas gift ~ yay!!

I'd already purchased the towels 
when Amanda Jean posted her tutorial,
and was trying to work out in my mind how, exactly, to attach the patchwork strip.

As it turns out,
because my towels had definitive 'markings' where I placed my patchwork,
I didn't actually use her tute;
I decided to just press and glue baste, then topstitch.

I folded the ends in 1/4 inch, then wrapped them around the edges of the towel,
so there is just the tiniest splash  of color on the backside of the towel.

For extra security,
I ran a line of stitching in the ditch 
down the center of the patchwork strip.

While I am not the biggest fan of small pieces,
I do love using scraps 
because they are fun reminders of the projects they are originally from
(How many projects would you guess are represented in these towels?)

Linking up with Amanda, once again :-)


(the answer is 15)

Fifteen projects represented in one towel!
That's a whole lotta love :-)

Girls Easter dresses, circa, 2009!
and the only time I used an entire line (and only that line) in a quilt.
Tony and Kacy's quilt ~ gifted as soon as it was finished, and I have no pictures : /
Brandon's quilt, Surrounded
Any Which Way (which is still not finished...)
Simply Luscious, of course ;-)
my longstanding WIP, stars to hexagons EPP
Covered in Love and Prayers, the quilt for I made for Connie, when she began chemo
Owl always love you, for  Kacy


  1. Those colourful scraps sure do dress up those towels! It must feel good to have one Christmas gift done...I've hardly even begun thinking about Christmas yet!

  2. I always love finishing that first gift as it gets the momentum going to get to the rest of them. Your patchwork towels turned out great.

  3. These are great! I have got to do some of these for Christmas gifts! Beautiful!

  4. O. My. Gosh. Christmas?! It's hard to believe how quickly it's coming. Good for you for getting started on you special sewing well ahead of time. If it were me, no doubt I'd be finishing up on the 24th!


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