Thursday, April 19, 2012

needle & thREAD

Elizabeth is hosting a new 'sewing & reading' link party
just like Ginny's Yarn Alongs, except fabric is featured, instead of yarn.
(I had to quit visiting all the Yarn Along links, though - they fed knitting envy.
I do still eagerly watch for Ginny's and my sis-in-law's yarn along posts ;-)

I planned all week to join in,
and knew exactly what my first project would be.

Pillowcase dresses!

I made the simple peasant dresses over the course of a couple of days
using two of my beloved $ .50 vintage pillowcases.
(I just love little girls in peasant dresses!)

Lily's 'hem' had to be let out, so I added ribbon trim to hide the evidence.
Lexi wants ribbon added to hers, too.
I'll add it, if she's insistent, but I do love it as is.

Even though they weren't feeling real super, I took the girls outside for a photo shoot

(the boys went along - so they could take a few pics with their camera, too)

When I sat down to write this post
I decided I ought to check on the rules of Needle & thREAD real quick.

I should have known.
One photo.

Since I'd already taken 147 pictures,
there was no way I was going to try to narrow it down to one.
Even if none of them are showstoppers. 

Next time I'll know better and only take one picture.

Or maybe I'll just visit the other links, and won't join in,
'cause golly,
ya'll know I can rarely post just one picture....

This is supposed to be about books, too.
(Although, it's really quite tricky to fit in sewing and reading!)
Here's one look
at what I'm reading right now.

Actually I just finished The Forgotten Garden.
The first half of the book, I could either take it or leave it,
but the second half really pulled me in and made me stay up late a few nights.

She was trying so hard to untie that knot!

Want to see what others are stitching and reading this week?
Head on over to Elizabeth's

needle and thREAD

Elizabeth is so sweet! She sent me an e-mail and gave me an
'as many pictures as I want' pass  :-)


  1. Oh, your daughters are so lovely. I'd post a 147 pictures too!

    As for knitting, I'm still trying to make the shift into spring planting and summer fun while letting the needles cool off. Sorry I haven't written much. I tried hard to redo the picture at the top and after 6 tries and kids screaming, I gave up. It's too large... Why can't design programs just DO what I want them to do??!!!

    Hugs to the two little beauties!

    (Maybe I'll get the needles out again. It's still freezing at night time so the garden isn't growing yet.)

  2. no no, one picture is no good!!
    Love those little dresses, and the photos are so sweet, the first one is adorable!love the one on the bridge and lexi by the water too! I am sorry you all are still ickish! That has gone on long enough!!

  3. oh what lovely dresses!! Do you have a pattern on how you made them? I would love it!! Happy sewing!! And I love seeing all the beautiful pictures of your children!!

  4. I love the pillowcase dresses! I want to make one for my daughter but alas, she's 9 years old and too big for one. I LOVE your photography!

  5. I love your pillowcase dresses. I have been saving an embroidered (by my grandmother) pillowcase for years...but I have boys, and nephews. Still waiting to use it for this... The dresses look great, your photos look great, and after your comment, Elizabeth marked that many pictures were great too. Just thought you would want to know. I followed your comment link back to you anyways, cuz I love to look at the pictures.

  6. Tracy, they are just charming! I am so happy you posted at Elizabeth's! I especially like the multiple rows of magenta trim on your older daughter's dress! Lovely!

  7. The dresses are beautiful :) I can see why you shared so many photos of them ;)
    I dont think anyone minds extra photos...

  8. The dresses are just beautiful! And I love them paired with the rubber boots :)

  9. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments! Aren't sew-ers just the nicest people?

    Alisa ~ I used the bodice portion of Simplicity pattern 5695, adjusting for the width of the pillowcase, and made the sleeves fuller, too.

  10. Beautiful dresses! I had "more than one picture" too LOL and Elizabeth assured me it was fine :)


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