Thursday, April 26, 2012

secret sewing

This week's needle &  thREAD project is a secret:
graduation gifts for a couple of really sweet young ladies.
I hope they like the fabrics I picked 'specially for them.

I haven't touched the two books I had going last week,
but I did grab This Life is in Your Hands out of the library basket
one night when I wasn't quite ready to sleep.
I'm only on page 77, but so far, I'm really liking it.
I'm fascinated with all the little garden tips and history of agriculture sprinkled in.

to see what others are sewing and reading this week
head on over to Elizabeth's

needle and thREAD

oh, fine ~ you twisted my arm;
here's a peek...


  1. Oh! These are going to be soooo cute!!
    I've seen this book mentioned by other bloggers. Let me know if it's worth buying or not.

  2. I like what I see! I am sure the graduates will too!

  3. I recently made a couple of zipped bags, and now I have more admiration for the very neat and well-made ones (like yours). My technique needs improvement. :D

  4. Cute! I like your fabrics :)

  5. oh that little bag is so cute!! What lucky girls!! Happy sewing!!


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