Friday, August 29, 2014

seven quick takes in August

It's been ages since I've done a Seven Quick Takes post,
so I'll remedy that right now.

I tested the Azure almond flour.
Upon closer inspection, it is not nearly as fine as the Honeyville,
and while the cookies made with it were good, they were not spectacular, so I cannot recommend it for cookies.

When we were in Florida,
Brandon, Lexi, aka Miss Adrenaline Junkie, and I went waaay out deep,
as far out as the buoys, even.
I wondered aloud what the buoys were for,
and Brandon suggested crab traps.
Of course - once he said it, it seemed so obvious.

Lexi asked, "Are we out deep??" 
"Yes, we are out very deep," I told her,
"Look - we are even with the crab traps!"
"What do they catch?" she asked.
"Well, crabs." I told her.
"Oh - trash and stuff?" she replied.
"Um. No. Crabs. You know, the sea creatures with pincers. Like the ghost crabs, only bigger."
I was talking with my hands, of course, and looked at her curiously.
Crab traps.
I thought you said 'crap traps'."

I do love that girl!

I am so sad that summer is ending.
You remember how last year, before I got blown up by a firework, I had aspirations of becoming a bronzed goddess?
I don't know about the goddess part,
but I have managed to acquire a very nice tan this year
(I also have listened to almost the entire New Testament, because, you know, multi-tasking...).

I discovered, unintentionally, that the days after I had laid out in the sun, 
(usually about 20 minutes or so)
my mood / overall 'feeling' was better than it was after days that I didn't.

So, yeah, I'm going to miss my tan,
but even more, I'm going to miss feeling better.
(any suggestions for high quality VitaminD appreciated)

Besides my 13 chicks,
I only have 1 chicken left.
Apparently we have both aerial and ground predators.
I have (finally) locked my (sole remaining) hen in the coop
with the babies - who are really quite big.
It makes me sad to not see chickens roaming my yard when I look out the window.

My hope is that all the nasty critters that have been feasting on my chickens will get hungry and go elsewhere
and forget they ever feasted here,
and soon I will be able to let my girls run again.

A few weeks ago,
I was shopping at Sam's, and saw a dear friend I hadn't seen since I was pregnant with Lex'.
We talked for 15-20 minutes then parted ways, promising to stay in touch.
It took awhile,
but we were able to coordinate our schedules and I got to go visit her this week,
and we again talked non-stop 
(for 4+ hours)
before I had to head home.
Oh, how I've missed her!!

I also miss all of my big kids.
And that's all we're going to say about that,
'cause the tears are already coming.

I absolutely 
start school next week.

Which means I need to get busy....

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  1. crap traps...bahahahaha!!! that girl!! and there is definitely no substitute that I know of, to replace the feeling the sun can give...except maybe a tanning bed in the does help, but it is not the same!! I can relate 100%!!! xoxoxo


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