Sunday, August 24, 2014

annual t-shirt refashion

but it took me about 3 times longer than I expected it to.
Surprising, I know. ;-)

Just as a refresher: 
For the past several years (except one) at annual meeting time, all members get a t-shirt from our church 
 to wear out and about, and also to wear to the meeting.

This all started because
do not wear boxy t-shirts. 
I just don't.
So when we received our first t-shirts, I 'fixed' mine, 
and turned Lily's, which was huge, since she was barely a toddler, into a dress.

Every year since, if we have been given the shirts before the annual meeting, 
I re-make them.

Here they are, in order from first to last:
(if you click on the pictures, it should take you to the original posts, should you wish to see it :-)

that year - the boy's shirts got a little attention, too

I love looking back and seeing how my skills have progressed :-)
(we didn't get shirts in 2012, and in 2013, we got them after the meeting.)
are this year's:

they were still looking like this until about 8:30 or so Thursday morning.
I added another fabric to the pile, too, a chevron knit I found at Hancock's.

and with that tongue - the photo shoot was over...

(best annual meeting yet, in my opinion. We never went to any of the boring ones - they weren't widely publicized, (plus - little kids...)  
And the fun ones were just a leettle over the top for me, but today's? Today's was just right.)

To borrow a phrase often used at the end of church service,
"It was good to be together today!"

And it was fun to make something that goes with everybody else's,
but is just a little bit different.

Kinda like us.

Happy 50th, Central!


  1. Fantastic job! I've not seen t-shirts refashioned like these.

  2. you are just THAT GOOD!!! so cute!! I might wear a t-shirt too, if it looked like these!! hugs!!


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