Thursday, October 23, 2014

creamy bacon and mushroom chicken

A few weeks ago,
I made Man Pleasing Chicken for dinner.
(I'd link to it, but I don't actually make it like the recipe. Shocking, I know.)
The kids wondered why it was called that and were suggesting alternative names.
One of them asked me if I'd made up the recipe
and Brandon said, "If Mom made it up, it wouldn't have a name."
I was feeling particularly uninspired when it was time to cook this evening,
but I put on my big girl panties,
 turned on some music,
and dug around in the fridge.
(Tyler went to Aldi's for me yesterday, so we have veggies again :-)
When I spotted the mushrooms, inspiration struck
and I knew it was going to be a good dinner after all.

I set my medium-sized frying pan over med-high heat
and dropped a stick of butter in it.
While it melted,
I cut up the 1/2 lb of mushrooms and tossed them in the pan
with a generous amount of garlic powder
and a more reasonable amount of onion powder, season-all,  black pepper,
and a little bit of salt.

When the mushrooms were cooked and the butter was bubbling,
I turned the heat down a bit and
added 8 oz of cream cheese,
and about a half a cup each of cream and parmesan cheese.

While the cheeses were melting,
I cut 4 large (raw) chicken breasts in half (in retrospect, it could really have been cut into bite size pieces, since we served it on rice)
and placed them in a casserole dish that I dug out of the recesses of the cabinet.
(I went from uninspired to downright fancy!)
Then I sprinkled a few TBS of bacon bits on the chicken,
then poured the (now melty and fully mixed up) sauce over the chicken & bits.

Cooked it, uncovered in a 350 degree oven for 1 1/2 - 2 hours,
then let it sit out just a bit before serving.

When Tyler picked at it tasted it he said, "What is this?!"
I gave my usual reply,
"You have to give it a name," he demanded, 
"so I'll know what to ask for when I want you to make it again."

So I did.
'Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Chicken'.
Tyler thinks there should be more sauce, though
and that it should be called Crack Chicken - do with that what you will....)


  1. I don't like mushrooms, but that looks delicious!

  2. Maybe if you chopped them really really tiny??

  3. crack chicken!!! perfect! I will be trying this recipe soon!!


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