Tuesday, October 14, 2014

in which I run (a little) again

Once upon a time,
for a short season,
Tyler and I used to walk in the evening.
(He actually wrote about it way back when he kept a blog. I'm fairly certain I've mentioned it as well.)
Highlight of my days, those walks were.

We haven't taken a walk in years
(can you believe its been 3 years since I hurt my heel/achilles trying to 'run for God'?!)
and even though I exercise regularly now,
up until the hike last weekend, I haven't done any walking or running 
beyond what is necessary for regular household/kid management.
(oh - that's not entirely true - I sometimes run out to the chicken coop, just to prove I can)
I even try to spread out my grocery procurement enough that I don't have to do marathon shopping.

I've been thinking lately though,
about moving my exercise outside for a bit.
And so, today, I did.

I turned on my interval timer app (I actually have a couple)
to the 35 second high intensity, 
1 minute 20 second low intensity
did a pull-up in the hallway,
and set off down the drive.

yes. I pretty much always have fabric fuzz and/or threads stuck to me. Fortunately, Tyler thinks its cute :-)

I walked briskly through the warm-up,
and when it buzzed for my first HI interval, I ran full speed ahead.
I ran until the timer beeped,
then fast-walked 'til it was time to run again.

At round 4, I thought,
Man! I'm doing super!

Round 6 - I am awesome!!

Round 8
I thought,
I am killing this!
So when it was time to cool down,
I jogged.

I had 4 seconds left on my cool down timer when the pain started.
But it wasn't pain in my heel, or my knee :-)
just a bit of discomfort in my hip flexors.

Maybe I overdid it a wee smidge...

I felt a little sheepish (as I walked) the rest of the way home,
and I may end up having a little epsom salt bath this evening,
but it did feel good to be out there,
and I hope Tyler and I can squeeze in some walks before the weather turns too cold


  1. The upside and downside of walking/running. I also had trouble with my heel/achilles for a couple of years, very frustrating. Prior to that I had issues with my feet which again required rest and many months to heal. So now when I go walking I am extra grateful that I can - physically and to be able to leave the children home (now they are older) with my husband. I would love for him to walk with me sometimes too, once he is well enough.
    I've tried some jogging/running but my knees and hips don't seem to like it so I stick to brisk walking.

  2. you go girl!! maybe some day we can run together!! for short bursts of course!! xoxo


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