Thursday, October 9, 2014

looking back, looking ahead

I told Tyler we'd had too many lame weekends lately,
so he took us to Devil's Den Saturday for a hike and picnic.

I was grateful to be able to go hiking, and wasn't the least bit sore afterwards :-)

There were a few moments, however, 
the hike,
when I was rather nervous
and more than once thought, 'this is why it's best I don't go along on these trips'.
My children are fairly daring.
I don't want to be the mom who is always saying, "Be careful!"
So I don't.
But I had to walk away a few times...

In spite of the imagined near-death's,
it was a really nice weekend.
Thanks, Love.


I'm not following my prescribed schedule for my Super Secret Commissioned Project,
but still, I am making good progress
and I'm right on track. (I think.)


I have been so, so tired lately,
(No - I'm not pregnant ;-)
and have often had to go back to bed after seeing Tyler off in the mornings.
I hate that!
But I am thankful Brandon holds down the fort for me.

I was having the "What is wrong with me?!" conversation with myself,
when I remembered that the body needs extra sleep to repair itself.
So maybe I am finally healing??
That's what I'm going with...


There is a quilt show in the Fort  this weekend,
so I think I'm going to run over there for a few hours tomorrow.
After that, it's Taco Night.

Also this weekend,
I'm going to my annual Razorback game Saturday.
Siri tells me the weather is going to be bad. Rain.
So you know I am really excited about that. (gag)
I think the only thing worse than being hot at a football game,
is being wet
at a football game.

Basketball is a much better sport.


We try to have a family get together with my mom and siblings in the fall,
We shoot skeet (I think that's the correct way to say it)
have a bonfire,
eat chili with tons of add-in/fixin's
and catch up with each other
since it's usually been Easter since we were together last,
so that needs to get on the calendar real quick like.


For my birthday,
Tyler bought me a ticket.
A ticket to California!!
To go see my boy and his girl!!!
Now that, I really am super excited about!
To make it even better,
Tyler is taking the week off to spend with the kids,
so they'll be having their own fun here
and I won't have to worry about them one bit.

(Those rocks!
 How cool is that?
We found them that way, and added a few stacks of our own, too.)


  1. I am definitely the mom who shouldn't be brought along on outings because she ruins them! I don't know why my husband keeps trying to get me to go anyway. :) I am also super tired (and not pregnant) lately, feeling the same what is wrong with me question. Mamas need naps, too! But I believe you had surgery recently? And I'm just plain worn out. Happy nap time and congrats on the bday ticket! What a good husband.

  2. I love hikes with the family! Those rocks are what we call hippy art here in southern PA :)

  3. the rocks were a great find. some bodies as yourselves had a fun time creating!
    Best of all, a ticket to California!!! that is wonderful!!
    When is this trip going to be? those kids will be delighted to see you! so glad for you!!


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