Tuesday, September 15, 2015

my rooftop experience

I needed to pin rows together Saturday,
so I thought I'd go out and sit in the sunshine
and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I grabbed a chair out of the Excursion
(that's where we store our 'camp chairs')
and choose a spot
well away from shade and shrubbery
where mosquitoes would be waiting to eat me alive.

Darn it if I didn't get bit 3 times,
before I'd even been out there that many minutes!

As I folded my chair
(not very gracefully)
and threw it back in the Excursion,
I hollered that what I hate about Arkansas
whenever the weather is nice enough to be outside,
you can't go out because of the damn mosquitoes!

Tyler said I sounded just like Beverly,
and then invited me up on the roof where he and Brandon were working.

He said mosquitoes don't fly that high.

(oh, Nancy - you're going to love this ;-)
I went in the house and grabbed a towel to sit on
so the shingles wouldn't scratch me,
and up the ladder I went
with my 22 quilt rows, a tin of straight pins, and my sewing glasses in one arm
and my green striped beach towel in the other.

You know what?

He was right!

Mosquitoes won't get you on the roof.

I can't believe we've lived in this house almost 11 years,
and I've never been on the roof.

It was so nice and peaceful up there.

I could see the entire back yard
and all of my chickens wandering about.
There was a nice breeze.
The kid noise sounded like it was coming from the neighbors',
and not my own.

When the guys finished their work
 they rested a bit with me,
then went about their day.

I stayed on the roof,

Then Tyler started mowing,
so that added the smell of fresh cut grass
and the sound of a mower
 to the mix.

I might just move to the roof.


  1. Oh girl, I just love it!!! It actually sound quite wonderful. You have a beautiful space surrounding you, I'm not sure I would want to come down.

  2. It's a good thing you don't have an HOA or else you'd be getting a letter about once a week! Actually, what this screams most to me is that you might need to rethink the design on the new house to perhaps somehow include a rooftop deck. Wouldn't that be lovely?!?! But don't be planning on climbing an extension ladder with the boys, rather think hidden staircase...


  3. You can come join me, 'Net :-)

    Nancy ~ we're thinking about it! It's funny, because the kids had been asking about a balcony and we're all, "No - we don't need a balcony!"
    I'm not sure what pitch the garage roof is - we may just be able to climb out the bonus room window and sit there if it's not too steep. Yet another thing I'd get a letter for... ;-)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass!! I miss it!! All we have out here is sand! bleh! Love and miss you mama!!

  5. As a former NC redident I know all about the struggles of finally having weather nice enough to be outside, but then being greeted by what feels like millions of annoying little guests. Had I known that such visitors don't visit you on the roof, then I would have tried it a long time ago! This brings a smile to my face, because even as funny as it might sound to be pinning quilt rows together on the roof... I would so totally do the same!

  6. We live in the desert and I have the exact same problemo! Which totally stinks because it is too hot to be outside here more than half the year. I can't believe we have desert heat AND mosquitoes. This year they have been positively epic. After 20 minutes outside in the evening last week my littlest one came in with no less than 40 bites on her poor little legs. That's an actual count! Normally I open the doors in the mornings and evenings this time of year. But I can't because of the stupid bugs! If my roof weren't two stories high and so steeply pitched I would try that out. It sounds wonderful.


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