Friday, October 23, 2015

all purpose grain-free low carb wrap / flatbread / tortilla

Now, admittedly,
I tried out more recipes for chocolate chips cookies
than wraps,
before deciding to come up with my own,
but I have tried quite a few wrap / flatbread/ tortilla recipes.

None of them satisfied.

About a year ago,
heady with my cookie success, I guess,
I came up with my own flatbread/ wrap /tortilla recipe,
and then tweaked it
until I was happy.

(the wrap recipe didn't take nearly as many tweaks as the cookie recipe,
I can tell you that!)

You know how, 
at Chuy's,
you just rip up a tortilla and eat it 
- plain -
and moan something about it being food of the gods?
That's just me, then.

Let me be the first to tell you
do not eat these plain!

There will not be moaning;
there will be face making.
And, if you took a big enough bite,
spitting, perhaps.

They are not tasty plain.

- and this is a big but -
they are a wonderful vehicle for all sorts of fillings/toppings.

We use these as tortillas for tacos and fajitas.
as wraps
for all kinds of sandwiches.
And as individual pizza crusts (dry 'em out in the oven first)

This recipe makes five 6(ish) inch wraps.
What I am using them for 
determines the size I make them.
If I'm making, say, sandwich wraps for the whole family,
I'll make a double batch and make 8 larger ones.

Grain Free Low Fat Low Carb Wraps for everything

Throw the following ingredients into a small mixing bowl

2 tsp oat fiber
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
couple shakes of salt

Give that a quick stir - I usually just use a fork,
then mix in
2 tsp refined (no flavor) coconut oil or olive oil

Then add 
1/2 c hot water
and stir briskly to combine.

Set a large skillet on the stove over medium heat.
(I guess you could use a griddle, too, if it's easily accessible.)

Divide the dough into 5 (or however many you want) equal portions.

Set one of your dough balls on a silicone baking mat
or piece of parchment paper 
(For goodness sake, buy yourself some mats!
They reduce a lot of frustration in low carb baking.
If you can't afford two, at least buy one...)
flatten it slightly
then cover with another silicone mat
(parchment paper works better on top than on the bottom if you just have 1 mat)
and roll out super thin.

(I forgot to take a picture of this. 
I am so not a food blogger!)

Carefully peel off your top silicone mat,
and carry your bottom mat, with the rolled out dough on it,
over to your pan,
peel it off
and lay it neatly in the pan.

As if you needed the absence of a picture to let you know I am not, in fact, a food blogger. bahhaha

Cook  the wrap /flatbread / tortilla about 1 minute, 
then flip it over and cook about a minute more.
Remove from pan and place on a cooling rack
(If you don't have one, a plate would work just fine, I imagine)

While your wrap is cooking, roll out the next one
and so on and so forth.

When cool, store in a plastic bag, or eat up :-)

*if you haven't yet made the baking mix (why not?!)
just use 2 Tbs ground flax, 1 Tbs almond meal or flour, and 1 additional Tbs oat fiber
in place of it

For the Trim Healthy Mamas:
each wrap  only has 2.4 gr of fat and  .7 gr of usable carbohydrates
(based on 5 wraps/recipe)
so  you can eat 2
 (provided you have no additional fat, except in your low fat protein source)
and stay in FP mode.

**Psyllium seed powder also works fine in this recipe,
but your wraps will be considerably darker colored.
This is not a problem, just useful information,
lest you wonder why yours don't look like mine...

I will admit
the kids all prefer a regular tortilla to these.
Quite honestly, I might also.
(although, I am quite pleased with these!)

But if eating a regular grain filled tortilla isn't a good option for you,
these make a mighty fine substitute in my (rather picky) opinion. 

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