Monday, October 12, 2015

beach week comes to an end

When we do a beach vacation,
a washer and dryer in the unit is a must have.

Everyone takes
1 swim towel
2 swim suits
3 or 4 changes of clothes, including underwear
2 pairs of shoes (3, if you're Mom)
2 pairs of socks
jammies are optional, 2 pairs max

When we come in from the beach,
towels and (rinsed off) suits gets tossed in the dryer so they're ready for next  time.

I do laundry
3-5 times throughout the week
and when we get home,
we usually only have 1 load of towels,
and 1 load of clothes that need attention;
everything else can immediately be put away :-)

Brandon and Tyler are teaching themselves to play the guitar.
We are such light packers that we had enough room left in the back of the van for them to bring one along :-)

We have determined that 
we prefer to cook (simply) and eat at the condo
rather than go out.
Not only is it (far) more affordable,
it's just easier!
it allows us to spend more time on the beach.

We spent hours over the course of a couple of days on this stupid puzzle.
I was just sure we'd get almost finished and discover there were pieces missing, but I was wrong.

We are beach people!

There were 4 fountains in the zero entry pool ~ when they stood on 3 of them,
the water in the remaining fountain would shoot waaaay up in the air.

Here we're heading out for our last walk on the beach, and waiting for the elevator (which always arrived empty)
 Except for Lex' who wasn't feeling well, they were all singing ' very loudly.
When the doors opened, there were people in there!
"They're hicks, Rita!" ;-)

...goodbye, glorious beach...

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  1. We didn't do the beach this year because we were cabining all summer! Not a bad trade but we kinda missed it. You are a super smart packer! I'm with you on packing light and doing the laundry. And eating in too. Looks like you had a great family trip.


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