Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hey Look!

I made chapstick!

Took me like, 8 seconds.

I'd been thinking about making chapstick for awhile,
so when Sandy mentioned looking for amazing chapstick not long ago,
it was the final push.

I knew her favorite (so far) was Chicken Poop,
so I looked up the ingredients.
Then I asked her what it was about it that she liked so much.
Her answer wasn't overly helpful,
so I decided I would just do the best I could
to recreate it exactly.

Without ever having tried it.
(and zero experience making chapstick...)

I have also found a favorite chapstick,
and I wanted to recreate mine, too.

Hers has avocado oil as the main ingredient,
mine has sunflower oil.
So I ordered both.

Yes. I ordered $20 worth of oil
so I could save money making my own chapstick.
(I have problems.)

Since this is the testing phase
I only made tiny batches.
(I used this formula. mostly.)
I'm not sure yet how I did on Sandy's
(I actually don't think I came very close - according to the ingredient list,
it has more essential oils than beeswax. And I just don't see how that's possible!)
but I think I did pretty good replicating mine.
 (besides the flavor, which I didn't even try to reproduce,
but is so yummy, I need to...) 
Tyler actually thinks
my version
is better than the one I was attempting to copy :-)
so - yay!


  1. Most excellent job!! I'm so impressed with you!

  2. Chicken poop...? What a lovely name. (hee hee) Reminds me of the "moose poop" and "deer droppings" candy that is marketed around here - the names make them memorable, for sure.
    Problems? What problems? The $20 was for the experience, not just the ingredients! My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I snorted out a laugh at that one. Here I am, quietly minding my p's and q's, and now you've made me laugh like a lunatic again. :-) Thanks for another happy read!


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