Saturday, February 20, 2016


He didn't get the one he was hoping for
- the engineering scholarship that came with a computer,
and $1,500 more per year -
but Brandon did get a scholarship for UAFS.
(Academic Distinction)

the one that he earned
required a higher ACT score and gpa 
than the more prestigious scholarships,
even though he gets less money,
and the requirements for keeping it 
are more stringent.

All through this process we've prayed that he would get the scholarship that was best for him.
So we have to trust that even though it stings a little,
this is best.

I'm really glad 
that 'the best one for him'
wasn't the leadership scholarship.
That one required him to live on campus.
And this momma isn't ready for that!

I love you, Bud!
And I am so proud of the young man you are!!


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