Friday, February 19, 2016

gift from abroad

When we walked in the door early yesterday afternoon,
Lily showed me a package.

Seeing it was from Allison,
my heart leaped a little,
and I told her to put it on my bed.

the texture! ahhh

When my fridges were stuffed full of milk and cheese and cream,
(we'd made a dairy run)
I hustled to my room.

I ripped open the package,
eager to see what Allison had made for me.

Then I ran and grabbed my phone
and snapped a quick picture
before opening the package inside the package.

I read the sweet note she included,
before I carefully unfolded the paper
to reveal
one of the loveliest gifts anyone has ever made for me.

I cried.

There are, of course, exceptions,
but most of my in-real-life friends don't really 'get me'.
Or read this here blog.
And they are shocked
that perfect strangers would read it!

And yet, 
one of those 'perfect strangers' 

It made me feel so valuable.

(Which is exactly what I attempt to do
whenever I make (or do) something for someone....)

Tyler reads all of my comments,
and he repeatedly tells me,
"Your quilting ladies get it."

Yes. Yes they do. :-)

You nailed it!! ;-)
You so totally nailed it.
I love it!!!

Even though this isn't my finish,
I'm linking up with Amanda Jean,
so everyone can see just how awesome my friend is :-)

(Just in case you've forgotten,
or never knew,
a few months ago, 
Allison and I decided to swap mini-minis.
and since I wasn't swapping mini minis with anyone else,
she wanted to take my mini mini to the next level, and make it practical)

mini mini quilt, turned into a needle notebook


  1. So cute, so thoughtful! And I read BOTH of your blogs :)

  2. Oh what a sweet gift! Thanks for sharing at Finish It Friday so I could come over and meet you. I enjoyed visiting! I'm following you now! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. K If I end up leaving two comments please forgive.
    Google is acting weird. Anyway loved this! And I'm following!
    Thanks for linking at Crazy Mama so I could come over and meet you.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Such a very special gift - and a lovely post too. So nice to have great quilty friends who share our interests.

  5. well that is one gorgeous needlebook.

  6. So very lovely, in every way. Thank you for showing us. :-)


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