Wednesday, May 25, 2016

and then there were windows

To be entirely honest,
I've lost  track of days.
I can't tell you what happened when on this house adventure.
The best I can do is share the date the pictures were taken.

We've had a few days
where no workers have come.
(When I know it's going to be one of those days
(as opposed to figuring it out
- at say -
three in the afternoon,
that no one 
in fact
coming that day, after all)
I sleep in.
And I don't put on a bra.
And I feel guilty for being happy for a brief moment to breathe)

Without further ado,
here are the daily(ish) photos for the past 2 weeks
(You may remember I popped in with this big news recently, 
and here's the weekly update from the morning of the 10th)

Tues, May 10, 8:10 PM
Wed, May 11, 8:46 PM
Thurs, the 12th, 6:35 PM

Fri, May 13th, 7:14 PM
Sun, the 15th, 8:23 PM
Tues, May 17th  1:39 PM
Wed, the 18th, 4:35 PM
Monday, May 23rd, 9 AM (forgot to take Sunday evening)
yesterday, 7:30 PM
here's how it looks right now:

5/25 5:55 PM

(Right after the roofers got all the shingles on the roof,
it started storming, and the forecast was bleak
so they took off for the day,
(which turned out to be sunny after a few hours. grr.)
so the chili is waiting patiently in the fridge)

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