Monday, May 9, 2016

crinkled coral kitschy coo lady skater

Thursday night,
Tony, Kacy, Brandon, and Tyler
went to see the 10:10 showing of the new Captain America movie.

Shortly after they left,
I sent kiddos to bed and bounced Hadley to sleep
and at 9:34,
I got started on the dress I had wanted to make for graduation
using fabric I bought in LA when I went to visit T&K the first time :-)
(I hate that I never got around to posting about that!! It was a dream come true)

oh my goodness - stand straight, Woman!

I used my tweaked and re-tweaked Lady Skater pattern,
added a one inch FBA (but that clearly wasn't enough)
and redrafted the sleeve.
(It works in this fabric, but I'm not crazy about it and probably won't use it again)

I didn't want a neckband
so I cut a lining out of beige tricot.
After sewing them together at the neckline, 
I couldn't work out how to sandwich my sleeve and bodice and lining,
so I went the (very) non-couture route
and just attached the sleeve to the bodice
and hemmed the armhole of the lining.

It looks just fine on the outside, 
but the guts are a tad messy.

All I had to do Friday morning
was tack the two layers together at the waist in a few spots
and it was all ready for me to wear on mothers day :-)

When I walked in to church Sunday morning,
Tyler told me I should make all of my clothes,
so I guess it's a win :-)

After church, 
 Kacy snapped a few pictures of me
(while we both laughed at my inability to pose)

then Lexi took a few of Kac' and I together :-)
while Kacy attempted to educate me on the art of selfie taking.

I still need a few more classes...

Linking up with Amanda Jean
but really, this finish is far more impressive! :-)


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Looks fabulous!

  2. Those shoes!!!! (Both pairs are amazing.) Oh, my practically sizzle in that dress. No wonder Tyler likes it! He married one hot momma! Very cool that you have a whole new "set" for your photo sessions, too. ;-)

  3. Lovely dress - that colour looks wonderful on you!!


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