Thursday, June 30, 2016

flying solo

I've done a lot to help with the house,
from countless trips to the hardware store 
to helping run wire for electric.

I even spearheaded the installation of a shower base,
and have had a hand in building more than one wall.

I've touched
-  and not just because I purchased ;-)  -
fitting and piece of Pex pipe in our house.

But all of that has been simply
carrying out someone else's instruction,
be it my dad's, Tyler's, or Brandon's.

Today, though!

armed with hands-on knowledge 
from last night's plumbing session with Tyler,
I went under the house
- by myself -
and worked out 
(through trial and error)
how to connect the drain from upstairs
to the kitchen sink's drain.
(which is also connected to the washer drain...)

If you've never done it,
I assure you,
it's much trickier than it sounds,
and I am pretty dang proud of myself!

Now though,
I have to do an ordinary mundane thing,
and pay the bills.

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