Sunday, June 19, 2016

snippets on a Sunday

I never did manage to work on the quilt this week.

my dad isn't coming down to work on the house 'til Tuesday,
so I *should* be able to spend several hours on it (the quilt) tomorrow.


It has been so hot;
productivity has been a little low.

Wednesday was just dreadful
since the humidity was really high, too.

We got very little done.

But - I can now add 
(eager, but really awful) door installer (assistant)
to my ever-growing resume ;-)


We tried some new coffee that we really liked,
GV donut shop blend.

The kids and I had run to Walmart before TKD last week
to pick up a few things they needed for camp.
As we were heading to the checkout I saw a box of 54 donut shop coffee pods
on clearance for $15,
so I snatched one up.

The next day was our date night,
and Tyler and I decided we really should buy some more;
that was such a  great price.
So we stopped in Walmart before picking up the kids,
and bought 4 more boxes.

After we got home,
we realized (again)
that I am an idiot!

It was the wrong brand!

Tyler made up a cup real quick, 
hoping that we'd like it as much as the one we thought we were buying.

It's gross.

I have 5 boxes of gross coffee sitting in the LEM.
(And we can't find the receipt for 4 of them.)


Tyler took a couple of days off last week,
and he and my dad got started on the plumbing.
Brandon helped them all day yesterday.
And guess what?
it's my turn to help this afternoon evening.

Very soon,
I'll be adding plumber to my already impressive list, too ;-)

(let's just hope I'm a better plumber than door-putter-inner...)


This is the last week of camp!

I'll be happy to have everyone home again.

It's Lily's turn this week - today  thru Wednesday.
Then Lexi goes Friday 
and comes home Saturday.


Our draftsman was completely opposed to the idea of putting a stove in the island,
but we ignored him
and our entire kitchen was designed around it.

But -
slide-ins cost a lot more than free-standing stoves with the same features.

A week and a half ago,
I was considering putting the stove along the wall after all,
so we could just buy a freestanding one.
Quite honestly, though
the idea made me more than a little sad.
really want the stove in the island,
so I can be a part of everything
in both the living room and dining room
while I cook.
(I think I've even mentioned it before on the blog -
one of my very favorite things
my family playing games at the table
while I fix food for them)

God provided me with a slide in stove
for the cost of a freestanding one!

Product Details

And it's listed as #4 in Consumer Reports top 10 slide-ins
to boot!


Dad and Tyler (and I.)
(I helped a little.
As a matter of fact, I am a framer!
How did you know?! ;-)

anyways - back to my story -
Dad and Tyler built the 'frame' for the kitchen island on Thursday.

this makes me so happy!

The cabinets will go in front of the wall (duh)
(the sink base will actually be about 2 inches left 
of where it's marked in tape on the floor)
and my stove will slide in the 'elbow' :-)
A 15-16 inch bar will set on the wall
and will (hopefully) one day house some really cool bar stools.

The fridge will be across from the sink
and there'll be a 12" deep x 4 ft wide cabinet along the wall
to the right of the bar and next to it,
8 ft of countertop
with upper and lower cabinets.

Next week is the last week that my dad will be coming down to help us;
he has his own stuff to tend to.

Progress will slow tremendously without him.

We have been so blessed to have him come these past 3 weeks!!
It's a gift we can never repay...

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  1. You are making such good progress on your house! How wonderful that you can go ahead with your desired plan for the island. :-) You are developing an impressive range of skills through all of this. Before you know it you'll be shopping for those stools!


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