Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Miscellany

I have a list of plumbing supplies typed up
that I need to send out to a few companies
so I can compare prices.

I have been sitting here
growing increasingly frustrated
as my e-mail is loading
and loading
and loading....

I figured I may as well type something
instead of just watching that damn circle go round and round.

The electric work is almost finished!
We still have to do the 'big wires' for appliances,
and  power for the island and porches,
but other than that,
we're done.

Being an electrician is hot work.

It made me very grateful that summer is just now in full swing!
we'd have temps in the 90s in May, also.


Very little sewing happened.
I think I got in about 2 1/2 hours on that big block.

I really need to be able to get in 5 - 6 this week
so I can get the top completed by the end of June.

I seriously underbid my time on this one;
I need to get better about that...


All of the boys are at camp this week.

I'm not quite sure how to cook.


Tony and Kacy gave me a fitbit for Mother's Day.
I love it!
But it doesn't always paint an accurate picture of my energy expenditures.


We got a letter today from the local school district 
regarding intent-to-homeschool forms.

was spelled incorrectly.


Grocery shopping has been sporadic.

It's getting to be slim pickens
'round these parts.


It has been an hour since I began my e-mail attempts.
It finally loaded and I just sent out my lists.

I really hope Yeagers is going to come through for me;
they're 7 - 20 minutes closer than all of the other places...

(Speaking of Yeagers,
I was going over my statement this morning,
and they haven't always given me the price they'd quoted me,
so apparently I have to go over my bill 
with a fine toothed comb.)


This was a good call;
I'm not nearly as agitated as I was when I started.

Now - it's back to work for me.


  1. I quite literally LOL'D at the "Education was spelled wrong" quote on your blog. Now THAT is hilarious!! Poor, mama! Working your booty right off!! :D We love and miss you!

  2. Well, so was "superintentants". They weren't too happy when I called them on it... She hung up pretty quickly.

  3. Love and miss you all, too!! (darn booty isn't going anywhere. You'd think with this heat the fat would be just melting off me, but no...)

    'Net - that's hilarious!! I didn't even read the whole letter, so I missed that! (To be fair, I *think* the 'education' was a typo - but I still found it funny)

  4. (I also think it's funny when I have to prove I'm not a robot to comment on my own blog. bwahaha)


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