Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday snippets - on a Monday

Continuing on the subject of sleep:

Tyler and the kids head out for Sunday school 
somewhere between 8:30 and 8:40.

I lay in bed another few minutes, 
then go to the kitchen,
and hit the 'small cup' option on the Keurig,
where Tyler has already got my fixin's in my cup.

I enjoy my coffee
(it's always so much better when he makes it)
and browse blogs
until 9:00,
when I need to start getting ready for church myself.

This morning, yesterday morning,
they left,
and I promptly fell asleep
and didn't wake up until 9:57
I texted Tyler
then promptly fell asleep
and woke up at 12:05.

I guess I was even more tired than I knew...


Tyler and the girls had a Daddy-Daughter dance Saturday.
no pictures, sadly,
except for the one itty bitty poorly lit one they brought home,
but they all looked lovely
and they had a great time,
and Lily even won the daughter dance-off.


We bought the tub surround for the upstairs bathroom
this weekend.
It was on sale,
plus Lowe's gives Veteran's a 10% discount,
so we got it for $188 plus tax (reg price $239)

While at Lowe's 
we also found a custom counter top/ integrated sink
on clearance for $200 ((originally $583).
It isn't exactly the size we need,
and I forget the name of the material it's made from,
but Tyler did a quick search in the store
and found that we should be able to cut it to size
with just a circular saw.

The counter was kinda bowed,
but we both thought it looked as though it would level out once installed,
but $200 seemed a bit pricey
since there was a risk that it wouldn't,
so we asked if they might come down a bit more
and they dropped the price to $150 for us,
so we bought it.

We had a sink picked out already that I loved,
but I was really concerned about what I would use to waterproof
- really waterproof -
the top of the credenza,
so this seemed like a really great solution
and I'm quite pleased with it.
(hopefully it really will cut easily and neatly...)


My elbow is a smidge better.
I can hold my coffee cup now with my left hand,
and sometimes even lift it to my lips.
My 30 oz water cup is still too heavy though.

I was talking with my dad yesterday,
and he suggested a Tennis Elbow brace,
so as soon as we got off the phone
I ordered one from Amazon.
(after making sure that it wouldn't be less expensive at Walmart)

Maybe I will be functioning better soon??

I do hope so.
I've grown pretty weary of this nonsense
and I am quite ready to lift weights
and be a contributing member of the building team again.

the one thing I was very worried about
- machine quilting -
hasn't been too terrible,
but hand-quilting 
(which I wasn't concerned about at all)
has been especially painful.

I had estimated about 6 weeks for the quilting,
but it's going to take more like 8,
I think.

Of course, it doesn't help 
that I've decided I don't like the micro quilting
I did on a couple of stars,
so some of my hand-quilting time has been spent

I'm ahead of schedule so no worries.


Tyler brought these home for me the other day.

They aren't potato chip clones, mind you,
but they actually quite satisfying.

We recently went to Texas again to see our good friends/adopted family.
We had a nice visit,
but Brandon had to stay home to work on school work,
which was kinda bummy.

We got home just in time for me to start cooking 
our Super Bowl snacky-dinner.


speaking of snacky dinners.
Last night,
I cut up a few sweet potatoes for Tyler to cook up 
in his new little fryer.

I'd recently bought some beautiful dark reddish/purplish 
sweet potatoes,
and decided I'd cut one of those up too.
I was excited at how pretty the two colors would look together.
Plus, more color = more nutrition, right?

I ran the peeler over the potato,
and was shocked to discover
that the inside was white, not red.

I felt robbed.


Talk to me about carpet in bedrooms.

We'd been thinking not,
but upon discovering that carpet is actually the least expensive flooring option
(excepting perhaps a super cheap laminate, which is not in the consideration)
we are reconsidering.

Right now,
we are thinking to carpet the upstairs.

It will be more comfy for the kids 
and will create a sound barrier,
and most of the dirt that they bring in the house
will be left downstairs,
so that isn't as big of an issue...

What I'm having trouble with is our bedroom.
Going with hardwood and throw rugs would be gorgeous,
but carpet would be a little more comfortable
and a little cheaper.
(and let's be realistic, easier, 
since we wouldn't install it ourselves
but that doesn't factor terribly much into the decision)

Another consideration - 
we have an exterior door in our bedroom,
so if we went with carpet,
would we need to have a different floor covering in front of it??

Also - Tyler does have allergies,
which is one of the reasons we were thinking no carpet.
But - the foam insulation is supposed to cut down drastically on dust,
so that may not be much of an issue.

So - care to help me think through this??

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