Sunday, November 20, 2016

fits and furniture

We've been extra busy 
trying to get ready for sheet rock.
We had hopes of finishing everything this weekend
(Tyler even took off work Thursday and Friday)
but alas,
it is not going to happen.

At the rate we're going, 
I'm not even sure that we can be ready 
next Monday.

But we'll sure try.


I had a little meltdown yesterday morning.

Tyler was going over our list
(which we keep adding to...)
marking the things we could tend to 
that didn't require a trip to the store first.

When he put a little dot by 'upstairs bathroom vanity lights',
- um -
fell apart.

in my mind,
that was not something that could be tackled
without a shopping trip.

I'd purchased 2 of these
to be the vanity lights,
and while it would seem like you could just leave two wires
poking through your drywall
and be done with it
- as usual -
there was a little more to it than that...

 I had hopes of finding a 4 ft dresser
to use as the bathroom vanity,
but I could use something as long as 5 ft, 
if the perfect piece of furniture presented itself.

without knowing exactly how long our vanity would end up being
we didn't know where the second light needed to go.

(the downside of DIYing!! You can't just 'build to plan')
(of course, we've already changed the plan for that bathroom anyways...)

I've spent a good bit of time looking for this elusive piece,
and was almost resigned to just buying a legitimate vanity from Lowe's,
but I hated to bite that bullet,
because I was fairly certain
we could have a vanity that was much more 'us'
and a better quality
for well under the $500-$600
 it would cost us to go the Lowe's route,
if only I could find the darn thing.

I'd already been thinking about all that yesterday morning,
which is why I responded so poorly
when Tyler innocently marked the list.

(I'm not excusing my behavior; merely explaining it...)


We decided that maybe I should go find a vanity.


I invited the girls to go with me,
after telling them that this was not going to be our usual
look at everything
fun flea market /antique shopping trip.

We were on. a. mission.

I also told them I didn't want to hear that they were hungry,
so they best bring a snack.

I made going with Mom sound really appealing.
(eyeball roll)
They decided to go with me anyways.


We hit every shop in Van Buren that we thought
even might have second-hand furniture,
then we headed to The Fort.

Belle Star Antiques was our 3rd Fort Smith stop,
and it was there that we found it.

A 48 x 18 x 31 inch credenza 
with 3 drawers across the top,
and doors (with arches) on the bottom.

And only $125.


We asked them to hold it for us,
and checked 3 more shops,
which served to thoroughly convince us
that we'd found the right piece :-)
so we went back,
happily paid the nice people,
and brought it home.

And now, 
we can easily figure out
where we need those wires.

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