Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Last week, 
when we went up to NWA for our Gramma Day,
we left early
so we could go to the huge Helping Hands thrift shop in Bentonville.

I was so sure we'd find our vanity there,
but alas,
we did not.

What we did find though,

The boys and Lily love Erin Hunter's books,
so they were thrilled to find a few to add to their growing collection.

I replaced my (used - bought for $.25) copy of
one of my favorite's,
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
that I loaned out and didn't get back.
This one was a whopping $.75,
for a paperback,
but I was just happy to have the book in my possession again.

The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club
I didn't even crack the cover of,
or look at the back;
one glimpse at the title on the spine and I was sold.
Plus, look at the cover....

Little Bee has been on my reading list for quite some time.
I actually wasn't positive I haven't read it yet;
the cover is so familiar to me.
I flipped to several pages and read a few lines each
and didn't recognize anything though.

Grace for the Good Girl 
was pretty popular a few years back.
I was never overly interested,
because I can't really identify with being 
'a good girl',
but for fifty cents,
I figured it was worth a look.

I'll report back when I read 'em.
It could be awhile, though...

Lexi had two books
that somehow didn't come home with us : /
so that stinks.

One of them was a $1.50 pop up book
that wasn't in fantastic condition,
but she loves pop up books and doesn't have any,
so I said she could get it.

All I can figure is they put them in a separate bag,
because our box was full,
and then forgot to give the bag to us.

I was sad Lex' didn't get her books,
and that we didn't get everything we paid for.
Ah well.
At least the money goes to a good cause....

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  1. The Guernsey Literary Society is probably one of my favourite and most recommended books. Have you also read 84 Charring Cross Road, another delightful read.


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