Thursday, November 10, 2016

just a *little* more

The downside of my system for designing quilts
- graph paper, pencil and eraser -
(and minimal drawing skills)
sometimes what looks good on paper,
doesn't look quite right 
life size.

Especially when one depicts a 16 inch swoon block
with a simple 'S'.



I  ordered both the 16" swoon pattern
and the sparkling cider pattern.

Neither were overly helpful;
the swoon, because I'm not making it exactly like the pattern,
so I've had to re-figure everything,
and the sparkling cider pattern
was pretty much a joke.
But at least I don't feel like I'm stealing anybody's design....

The sparkling cider pattern,
which is made of rectangles and sawtooth stars
calls for some pretty good sized pieces of fabric
(6.5 x 10.5 & 6.5 x 16.5, to be precise)
and I incorporated that into my design.

Which looked perfectly fine 
in that quilt,
and on paper,
but the next largest piece of fabric in my design
is 4.5 inches.
And my smallest pieces of fabric 
are the corners of flying geese blocks that finish at 1 x 2 inches.

The more blocks I added to my wall,
the more I realized
 that those big chunks of fabric
just wouldn't do for Jordan's quilt.

Jordan taught me how to do 'cat eye' eyeliner - so I *really* wanted to include make-up fabric in the quilt.
After 2+ hours of looking, this was the only fabric I found that I thought would work.
Never mind that it doesn't actually have eyeliner on it...

So last Friday,
I decided I needed to 'break up the expanse'
with some smaller (4") sawtooth stars.

Over the course of the weekend,
I made a dozen.

Monday I pulled my 'pattern' out
and decided I needed 20 more.

They're so cute,
I was eager to make a few every chance I got,
and once the fabric was cut,
each block averaged about 22 minutes
(It's hard to say exactly, because my sewing time is so interrupted)

I still have a couple of swoon blocks,
3 firework(ish) blocks
(at 8 inches - those are fiddly, let me tell you!)
and a half dozen 8 inch stars to make,
but since I've finished all 32 of these 'extra' 4" stars,
I'm calling it a mini finish
and linking up with Amanda Jean

(I've also finished all of the 6" sawtooth stars,
and all of the other i-don't-know-what-to-call-them 6 inch blocks.)


  1. Wow - you just about have your own galaxy. Thanks also for the fabric combo inspiration.

  2. They look great all spread out together! It's a pain to resize and refigure, but it's always worth it in the end. I hope it all works out and I'm looking forward to seeing this top together - the fabrics are fantastic!

  3. Wow these blocks are gorgeous!

  4. Very pretty! I especially like the ones with the fussy cuts centers, like that cute little frog!

  5. To heck with restraint - I LOVE THEM ALLL!!! (Use ALL OF THE FABRIC!!!)
    Your fussy cutting adds such a special touch - do I see the three blind mice? This quilt is sure to make Jordan smile. :-)

  6. love your plan. and although it was extremely honest of you to order the sparkling cider pattern, when i see a pattern that is quite traditional and available everywhere (like that basic star block), i don't feel a bit guilty figuring out the maths myself. but maybe you were ordering it for the layout? i don't know. too bad it wasn't a help. your quilt's going to be awesome anyway - even without the large S's. haha.(i'm a paper planner so i get that, too.)


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