Tuesday, November 15, 2016

a day without a phone, and other things.

I didn't get up in the morning to see him off,
so somehow, it feels as though it was my fault;
Tyler left his phone at home.

Worse than having to email him when he got a message
or a when a calendar event popped up
(and hope he saw the email in a timely manner)
was the fact
that I couldn't text him.

I suppose I could have,
but then I'd have just had to email him
to tell him about it...

the day felt rather strange.


The awful discord on social media
following the election
seems to be quieting a bit.


When I got my last 2 packages
containing the final fabrics for Jordan's quilt,
I was a little bummed.
None of the 4 fabrics will work.

They are all very nice,
the prints are just the wrong size or color for the quilt.

Such is the business of ordering online.

I  really wanted a fabric that said 'Chicago'
or at least 'big city'
(the one I'd chosen for that was waay to large-scaled!)
so Thursday evening found me scouring the Web,
yet again.

I found one that seemed promising,
- and this time there was a ruler in the photo -
but the gal only sold it in 1 yard increments.

I really didn't need a whole yard,
so, armed with a name and designer,
I searched for the fabric elsewhere.

The etsy shop I'd originally found it in
was  apparently the only place that sold it,
so I sent a quick convo,
asking if she might consider selling me just a half yard
or even a fat quarter.

I explained that I was already over budget for my project,
and wouldn't use but probably an 1/8 of a yard,
if that,
so I hated to spend $13
(what it would cost with shipping)
but I thought the fabric would be a great addition to my quilt.

She wrote back Friday asking for my address.

I thought that was a little weird, 
but figured she wanted to give me an accurate shipping quote,
so I sent it to her.

She wrote back that she was sending me the fabric.
For free.

It was an unexpected kindness,
and it reassured me 
that we're going to be okay;
the world isn't full of hate,
it only seemed like it for a few days.

I'm trying to think of a fun way to pay it forward....


  1. That is so neat. Amen, there are still people full of love and kindness.

  2. What a wonderful and kind lady! You're right - there is still love and friendship in this world and I hope it will overcome all the hate...

  3. That is so nice...I love to hear stories like that!!!


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