Monday, November 21, 2016

humbled and speechless

I don't pretend to understand it;
I can only be grateful when it happens.

I told you last week about the fabric;
(Which arrived on Saturday.
Even though it's on the bright side, 
I think it will go well in the quilt,
so - yay!!)
Saturday's blessing event 
blew my socks off.

You may remember,

We were also on the lookout for
night stands,
a screen door
bed frames (twin and queen)
and dressers
but none of those things were as imperative as the vanity.

We were at the Salvation Army thrift shop.
(where we found an end table to use as a night stand for Lexi,
although, I am considering stealing it from her
for use as - wait for it - 
an actual end table
in the living room.
But I'd find a replacement that she likes as well
or better
before I did that)

We breezed through the furniture section
(they've moved things around, so it was in the middle of the store)
then made a potty stop
(that restroom had been out of order for years.
I was fairly shocked that it was available for use)
and quickly hit the back of the store,
where the furniture used to be
(and a few pieces still were - that was where we found Lex's table)
then went back to the (new) furniture section 
to make sure we didn't miss anything
our first run through.

While there,
a woman came up to me.
"Would you make an old woman happy?"
she asked, as she tugged on my arm.

Thinking she might be asking for money,
and knowing I had no cash,
I answered with a smile,
"I don't know - but I'll try."

"Will you take this? For your girls?"
She held out an envelope.
"They remind me of my girls.
And I don't have them any more."
Her voice got a bit shaky
and her eyes watered.

I took the envelope,
gave her hug,
told her "thank-you"
and "God bless you."

I peeked in the envelope after she'd turned to walk away
(I had no clue what to expect!)
and saw that there was at least 2 bills,
and one of them was a twenty.
I told the girls to run give her a hug also,
and tell her thank-you.

They did, 
and she said
"I love you.
and remember,
God loves you, too."
before she continued on her way out of the store.

When the girls came back to me,
we opened the envelope again,
and counted.

There was 100 dollars in there!

I don't know why God is choosing to bless us like this,
but I am so grateful that he is.
And I'm especially grateful 
that my girls got to be on the receiving end of the blessing, too.

Not knowing what else to do,
we prayed a blessing over her as we left the store.

Maybe when we get to heaven,
we'll get to hear about how God blessed her
in return.


  1. made me teary when it happened. And when I wrote the post. and again when I just read the post....
    love you, my sweet girl!!

  2. That is incredible! What an awesome God and what a great blessing!

  3. so beautiful. (i teared up, too.) i hope i'm that lady someday. because i know i will be missing my littles. and God blesses you like this because He chooses to. just be grateful!


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