Tuesday, November 1, 2016

insulation rocks

The rule is - you can't turn up the heat
- or complain about being cold - 
unless you are wearing double layers

I have been chilled to the bone
every winter
for the past 10 years.

It's not uncommon for me to be triple layered.
(I even developed a new clothes item
 - the skrobe -
a combination skirt/robe.
It's an extra layer for your bottom half,
that's far more comfortable than tights or long johns,
and keeps your legs and bum warm,
without the restriction of a full robe
(or the lethargic/depressive feeling
that comes from wearing a robe all day long).

It's safe to say that insulation 
is one of the things I have really been looking forward to 
in the new house.

And now, we have some!!

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  1. That insulation must be one gorgeous sight for you and your family to behold! You know, you're right about the feeling one gets from wearing a robe. The Skrobe sounds like a brilliant - and cozy - solution. Oh, gosh, I'd be threatening to move into the new place *immediately* if I were you! (Of course, I wanted to move into our new place as soon as the first wall was framed...I was told to bring a good tent. Hmph. Patience? What's that!)


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