Thursday, November 10, 2016

the Victor

One of Brandon's projects in his
Intro to Engineering class
was to work with a partner
and make a car powered by a mouse trap.

They also had to create a presentation
to 'sell' their car.
(which encouraged them to keep costs down.
We are the sort of people who tend to go 'all out',
but every idea they had
they ran through the filter of,
'will this add too much to the cost?')

Their car came in second for speed
(though in the trial run, it was first)
and third for distance,
so they were pretty pleased.

As part of their presentation,
Brandon put together this little ad,
which just totally makes me smile.

Maybe you could use a smile today, too?
(make sure your sound is on)

(it's better if you click over to watch it on you tube)

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  1. :-) <--- me smiling

    (Powered by mousetraps? How the heck does that work?!)


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