Tuesday, November 29, 2016

painkiller, sort of

A few weeks ago,
I had an absolutely awful day.

The only thing that kept me from crawling into bed
and staying there
Tyler and I had a date that night,
and I wasn't about to miss out on that.

At dinner,
we couldn't help but notice the drink
all the ladies seemed to be drinking.
It was served with a pineapple wedge
and toasted coconut on the rim.

Some friends were there,
and had one
so Tyler went over and asked what it was.

He came back to the table and said,
"It's a painkiller - you want one?"

I don't normally order a drink at restaurants,
'cause I am far too cheap thrifty for that,
I had had a really
And a headache.
Sorely tempted,
 I flipped through the drink menu.

It was $7,
so I didn't get one.
But we looked up a recipe
and went to Sodie's 
and bought a $30 bottle of rum.
It took us a few days,
but we've perfected our recipe
(though we skip the fancy toasted coconut and pineapple chunk)

Painkillers for two

Whir the following ingredients in a small blender / bullet
(we have one like this)
 about 15 - 20 seconds:

3 icecubes
4 ounces orange juice
6 ounces pineapple juice*
3 1/2  ounces Pussers rum
2 ounces cream of coconut

* our pineapple juice came in 6 ounce cans;
if yours comes some other way,
or you are willing to open more than 1 can for a batch,
using 2 ounces oj and 8 ounces of pineapple juice
would be more 'accurate'.

pour into 2 coffee cups/glasses/fancy goblets
and drop in a cube or two of ice if there's room.
This makes a delicious
(and carb-filled!)
to be honest,
it's not very painkiller-y.
we just aren't all that crazy about rum

It's also quite yum
(and perhaps slightly more painkillerish)
if you add a generous splash or two of peach snapps

But then, that's probably some other drink

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  1. Ha! I had one of those once, just because it was so pretty and looked tropical. Had them cut the alcohol in half... I could have had two more... yummo!


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