Thursday, December 1, 2016

joining the 21st century with online grocery ordering

Ever since learning of Walmart's new 
'order online and pick up' grocery service,
Tyler has wanted me to give it a go.

He does a good bit of the shopping for us,
and he thought it's be real swell.

I thought it was one more thing
for me to have to figure out,
and y'all know how bad 
figuring stuff out
makes my brain hurt,
plus - change
so I put it off.
(I'm sorry, Love!)

Well - I have a few friends who love the service,
so I figured it was high time I tried it.
My friends love you - I may as well love you....

I told a few of my friends on FB that I'd report back
when I tried the service,
and I did just that 
last night.
I figured I'd share here, too,
in case anyone has been on the fence about it.
(or - gasp - didn't even know such a thing was possible...)

About Walmart's grocery pick up service --

It was much less painful than I anticipated 
(of course, that's often the case ;-) )

There are a few things worth noting:

The minimum order is $30

For my store, at least, 
orders have to be placed a day before you want to pick up, 
though a friend of mine is successful with early morning ordering
and same day pickup,
 so that may vary by store?

For most of my produce, they went over on the weight
 (although my broccoli was a bit shy.
I ended up with a free apple, 
and probably 2 bananas though,
so no complaints :-) )
 and it was all good quality.

My picker picked the plainest tissue boxes, 
so if the design of the box matters to you, 
maybe grab that yourself. ;-)

You can NOT use coupons. 
If I were a regular coupon user,
 I would order those things that I didn't have a coupon for, 
and when picking up my order, 
I'd run in to gather the few that did, 
so I could use them at the register.

You also can't price / ad match. 
Supposedly the savings catcher will 'find' those sale price and reimburse you, 
but if you wanted to ad-match on the front end,
again, I'd suggest ordering everything else
 and grabbing those few items in the store.

Similarly - In store, they typically have a deli special
where you can get 1 lb of meat and 1/2 lb of cheese for a good price.
They don't seem to have that when ordering online,
so that's something else to grab in store if you wanted.

They 'favorite' everything that's purchased, 
making ordering subsequent times even easier. 
And you can easily remove an item from favorites with one click.

I've just placed my second order
 and foresee this being a great time saver. 
I highly recommend giving grocery pick up a try!

If you haven't taken advantage of the service yet, 
and want to give it a whirl, 
if you go here
you'll get a coupon code
for $10 off your first order, 
(must be $50 (without alcohol) to use the coupon)
PLUS, they'll send me a code for $10 off my next order, too :-)

(It costs a lot to keep this crew fed, 
so $10 of free groceries here and there would be a nice treat!)

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