Monday, December 12, 2016

one way to make a firework star block

There are only three of these (65 piece) 8 inch blocks
 in Jordan's quilt
and at 2 hours and 45 minutes each,
not counting fabric cutting,
I'm not terribly sorry
that there aren't more.
(though they are quite striking,
if I do say so myself )

This was one that I spent a good bit of time on -
figuring out fabric cuts,
and how it should go together.
(I found the block online,
looking for something similar to a swoon block,
and drew it up on graph paper,
then dissected it.)

Then I went and let almost 2 months go by
after making a block to test my maths,
before sewing another block,
so I had to re-figure 
a lot of what I'd already figured out.

I thought I'd write up a quick tute
(complete with awful photographs)
so I don't have to figure it up again.

As you can see in the above photo,
this block is made from an assortment of rectangles and squares,
and more rectangles and squares
sewn into flying geese, half square triangles, and square in a square units.
Since this tute is mostly for my benefit,
I haven't included specifics on making those units,
since I *think* I'll remember that part
and there are already (far better!) tutorials out there
should you need them.

I recommend
 using non directional, all over prints (or solids) for this block,
but if you disregard that recommendation,
(and I did, on my first one)
just know that you'll need to take that into account
when you cut your pieces,
when you sew them together.
(for example - when you sew the hst,
you sew 2 blocks on the diagonal / one way
and 2 blocks \ the opposite way)
And you will most likely end up with a headache.

Obviously, the center square is exempt from that recommendation πŸ˜‰

Once all pieces are cut,
you'll want to,
using chain piecing,
pair up your 2" squares
and turn them into 8 half square triangles,
(press open)

turn your 1 7/8" squares + diagonally cut 2 1/4" squares
into 4 square in a square blocks
(press to the outsides)

and make 4 flying geese blocks
with your 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" rectangles and the 1 3/4" squares.
(press to outsides)

Trim all units
( FG - 1 1/2"  x  2 1/2", Sq in sq - 2 1/2",  HST - 1 1/2")

I've said it before; I'll say it again. Though ridiculously pricey, bloc loc rulers are the bomb!

then lay out the block

and begin piecing,
top to bottom,
left to right.
again, chain stitching - always chain stitching πŸ˜‡

Press seams open if your stitching line crosses stitching on both sides,
and to the side (that doesn't have a seam)
when it doesn't.

Lay pieces out again,
and repeat,

and repeat again

A tiny iron is fabulous for this block.
And bonus ~ it doesn't turn itself off!!

and keep repeating,
matching seams where necessary

until all pieces are joined into complete rows.

Then join all rows,
and press all seams open
(I do this one row at a time)
until you have a complete block.
then flip it over,
and press the heck out of it again.

And you've got a gorgeous,
albeit time consuming,
firework star block.

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  1. nice one! i never make enough notes for myself and always forget the obvious things i should be able to remember. hence, like you, i make tutorials mostly for myself! if they help someone else, that's a bonus.


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