Monday, December 26, 2016

the party

I spent 2 hours late afternoon yesterday
sweeping sawdust and insulation debris
out in the house,
so dinner got started late, 
which meant we ate late,
and would have no need of birthday cake for dessert.

I didn't want to be rushed,
so we pushed our birthday celebration 
off 'til today.

After I made the cake
(low carb Italian cream cake)
(genius idea, if I do say so myself.
only took me, what? 4 5 years to figure out ;-)
and made 8 copies,
one for each person,
and one for the finder of the pickle
then cut the money apart,
and secured each person's 'cash' with a clip.
All money earned was paid in a single 'bill'
in the appropriate amount
(for example - Lexi got an $18 bill,
because she earned $10 wrapping presents
and $8 doing extra cleaning jobs)

We played a few games
(Farting Pig and Bananagrams)
then read from Matthew 25
and started shopping.

The kids had all earned extra giving money,
and some dipped into their savings.
I was kinda bummed 
that I didn't have anywhere to pull a few extra dollars from, though.

As usual, we went back and forth between catalogs
and hunted for the best price on the item we wanted to give.
This year there was some doubling of animal gifts
(thank-you special donors for Heifer!)
and some 'your dollar multiplies x times' 
through World Vision,
which this thrifty family especially likes.

All together,
we spent $511
and gave Jesus
$108 for books and school supplies
Honey bees for 4 families
Ten flocks of chickens
 (each flock is anywhere from 10-50 chickens,
depending on location)
Mosquito nets for an entire family
$150 for emergency food
$888 worth of warm clothing
Food for a refugee child for 1 week
2 flocks of ducks
1 Rabbit
(here's hoping some other family gave a rabbit too... ;-)
15 fruit trees
Seeds for a family
2 soccer balls
$50 cash to be used where it's most urgently needed.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!
We love You.

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  1. oh, man, i love your giving cash idea! my kids earned $ to buy animals from heifer international a while back and i really need to get my butt in gear and send it in. so bad!!! thanks for the reminder.


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