Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I've come a long way, Baby!

Brandon and I are pretty excited 
about making concrete counter-tops
for the island.

We've got Tyler on board, too
though he wants to get all fancy and order moldings and such.

We've decided to go with cast-in-place,
because I am scared of severed fingers 
when setting the top on the cabinets
if we make the mold kind,
even though I think those'd look a smidge nicer.

Since we needed to make a pad for the HVAC units,
we figured we'd get a little practice in.
(but yes - we know it's not exactly the same)

Brandon picked up 18 80#bags of concrete mix
which we thought was probably 6 too many,
but we didn't want to risk running out.

We ran out.

While Tyler ran to buy a few more bags,
Brandon and Lexi made a float tool,
becasue Lex' wanted to help too,
and I moved around the concrete on the pad
and tamped it some.

It's really quite cool.
You dump this thick rocky stuff in,
and sorta jiggle it a bit with a trowel or hoe,
and suddenly,
you have a smoothish milk-shakey surface.


When Tyler got back with the concrete,
Brandon was finishing up Lex's tool.
Tyler was feeling quite awful with upper respiratory crud,
and since the bags he'd bought were only 60#,
I figured I could just dump it in the mixer,
so he wouldn't have to.

60 pounds is no problem for me.

I forgot to account for the fact 
that my left elbow has been bugging me
and if I hold my arm out from my body,
I have zero strength.
Like - I can't even pick up my water glass.

So I was trying to pour a 60 # bag of concrete mix 
into the mouth of the mixer
which is mixing
and it wasn't coming out very fast
when the piercing pain shot through my elbow,
so I was left holding the bag one handed,
and I dropped it
- bag and all -
into the mixer!

Once upon a time,
that would have really set me off!
Instead I just laughed
and let the kids take pictures of their stupid mom.

The week before
our waitress was really not very good.

We had to ask for everything twice.

In my previous life,
I was a waitress,
and a darn good one,
so my standards are a wee bit high.

I've been known to get more than a little miffed
with bad service.

But I was patient with her,
and just reminded her (again)
with a smile
when we needed something.

About the 5th time
of asking for something
for the second time,
Tyler said,
"She's lucky you are so laid back."

And he was being serious!

That's probably not something
expected to say to me.

And I realized ~ I really have chilled out!!


  1. Ouch! What the heck? Is your elbow okay?
    I'm with you - sometimes all you can do is shake your head and laugh when things go sideways. It doesn't help to get all worked up anyway!

  2. Hope your elbow heals soon. I am very impressed you were wearing a skirt and nice top for mixing concrete!!


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