Saturday, December 3, 2016

fancy faucets

The kitchen faucet has been spraying
- out of places other than the sprayer -
for quite some time.
It was a mild annoyance, but no biggie
(I mean - most things in this house are an annoyance...)
but Monday,
it was no longer spraying,
it was spewing.

Tyler and Brandon set out to fix it after dinner
and quickly determined that the only fix
was a new faucet.

I can assure you,
the last thing we want to do right now,
is spend another cent on anything in this house,
but there we were,
forced to do just that.

They ran to Home Depot
(we usually prefer Lowe's, but recently discovered that HD
has more faucet options, 
at better prices.)
and came home with the cheapest faucet 
(that also had a sprayer)
they could find.

All day Tuesday, 
the kids were talking about how beautiful the new faucet was
and how nice the water came out
and how great the sprayer was.

I'm actually kinda glad now
that the stupid faucet couldn't hang on a few more months;
the new faucet
helped me remember that I don't need a fancy faucet
for the new kitchen;
something simple will work just fine.
(but we'll probably spring for one that's a little nicer... ;-)


  1. When we did our kitchen remodel a few years ago we splurged on a fancy 'just touch and it comes on' faucet. I know it's silly and materialistic, but I LOVE that silly faucet! :) I'm happy you have a sprayer that works now - I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to spend money on something like that at this time of year...

  2. Oh, gosh. You will enjoy your new home so much! xoxo


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