Friday, December 2, 2016

stars, sawtooth stars...

After two and a half weeks of no sewing,
I finally got to play with fabric this week,
and managed to make the rest of the 8 inch sawtooth stars 

Jordan prefers the light and deep version of color,
but isn't as big of a fan 
of the brights.
Which, of course,
is what my stash is primarily stocked with.

I only have a tiny bit of this California Dreamin' fabric left. But I had to include some Jenean Morrison 💗

So I had to do a good bit of shopping for this project.
Poor me.

I have mostly chosen fabrics based on their color,
(and the further I've gotten on this project,
the more I've looked for fabrics without a linear design,
because - goodness - those add to the challenge)
meaning, they must go with
(not to be confused with match)
my 'pull it together' fabric
but some have been chosen 
(and down-right hunted for)
with Jordan in mind.

Kitties!! Because Jordan loves animals, especially dogs and cats. Plus - they are so cute!
I think most quilts look best when there is a good mix of
light, dark, and medium,
so it was necessary to include lots medium fabrics
but I've been careful to have most of my 'mediums'
not be brights
(although a few brights have found their way in there, too)

tall buildings and crammed together houses, because Jordan likes 'cities', and her fiancee lives in Chicago
(where, incidentally, I am from. Well. Chicago Heights, that is)
(neither of these were my first choice to represent Chicago; that was one of my online fabric shopping fails...)

I've worked to keep a good balance,
while trying to be a bit heavy with light pinks
as that is Jordan's favorite color.
(although this particular group of blocks
is not at all heavy with pinks,
the quilt will be over all)

I've already used over 80 fabrics,
and have 14 more on the cutting mat
waiting to be turned into 2 more firework blocks,
and the 2 remaining swoon blocks.

Josh & Jordan, in the moonlight. Or - bunnies!
Who knows how many more will be added
for the other sections of the blocks....

Go team Use All the Fabrics 😁

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  1. Love that first AMH star and your pull together fabric. I should have bought some of that when it came out. This will be a beautiful quilt.

  2. Man! That piecing and those points! Unbelievable and so well done!

  3. So beautiful - I'm also cheering for team Use ALL the Fabrics!!!
    (And those bunnies... and the kitties! And the colours! This quilt is going to be so very special.)

  4. I love your blocks!! They are so bright and cheerful.

  5. This quilt is going to look great. Coming over from FinishItUpFriday. Once you get it all together a "bright" won't really stand out.

  6. oh, i love this one! well done. star blocks are probably my favorites. it's going to be wonderful!

  7. I am way late to the party here! I saw ur finished quilt on Instagram and loved it. Do u happen to have a pic of all the fabrics u used in a stack? I'm really liking the color scheme cause it's a little different than what I'd normally do!

    1. Hi Laura ~ I do have a picture of my fabric stack :-) I would be happy to email it to you if you could leave me your address (you show up as a no-reply blogger)



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