Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Miscellany

I finished my final block for Jordan's quilt.

Well, sort of.
All of the stars, swoons, fireworks,etc are finished.
I still have to add fabric to all but the swoons
 to make complete blocks.
But phase 1 is finished,
and incurred no swearing, and no tears!
(thought there was a fair amount of seam ripping.
I've come to accept that that is just a part of sewing for me.)

It was silly of me to work on that last week,
when I had so many other (more urgent) things
I could should have been working on,
but I just felt so compelled to finish.
So I did.
It does feel good...

As soon as I finished,
I got to work making a double-ended pot holder for Jeannie.

Stupidly, the only picture I took before wrapping it
was one I snapped quickly to show a friend.

I added hand quilting on the mitt part,
which was probably silly
for a pot holder,
but I am not always sensible with my sewing.

Overly sensible with pretty much everything else, though....
So I guess I've achieved balance.

We had Christmas get-togethers
with my dad and most of my family on Saturday,
and my mom and even more family on Sunday.

I was sad that none of my big kids were there.

Life doesn't always turn out like we think it will...

At my dad's,
we always do a dirty Santa / white elephant exchange,
usually with a theme,
(and a low dollar amount)
and it's always a lot of fun.
I always remind the kids that it is a game,
and if you actually like what you end up with,
that's a bonus.

This year's theme was 'favorites'
so there wasn't quite as much opportunity for craziness
as say  - when we did 'bathroom',
but more people went home with something they'd actually use.


I never posted about Jack.

Jack bit the mail lady a few months back,
and had to go.

As much as I hated that stupid dog,
I cried an awful lot that week.
I sobbed so hard while I was driving him to the shelter
that I was afraid I might have a wreck.
And how dumb would that be?!

Jack was such a nuisome!
But we'd gotten a bark collar, 
and I really thought he was doing better.
So much so, that I'd told him a few times
he just *might* make it to the new house with us.

I hope that some time in the clink straightened him out,
and that he got a new home,
with an old lady
who likes being warned every time anyone
(or a leaf...)
is around,
and he can have a long happy life.

Bonus if the old lady likes to lay out in the sun,
because Jack liked that.
(so long as it wasn't too hot...)


Somebody tried Walmart's online ordering / grocery pick-up
using my code!
If that was you ~ thank-you!!
(they got $10 buck free, and so do I, now :-)


I'd love to sit in my toasty bedroom
with its south facing window
and read all day.
It's in the teens,
which means we'll be lucky
if we can get the rest of the house in the 60's.
But alas,
today needs to be a house cleaning day.
It's gotten totally out of hand.


  1. Hey Tracy,
    It was me and thank you, wouldn't have known about it otherwise. My husband did the pick-up and he said that was the only way to shop, he was impressed.
    Thanks again, Sherry


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