Friday, December 30, 2016

a little rant, about a common misconception

I gotta get this one thing off my chest.

It is incorrect to assume
that because one is FAT,
they eat a lot.

We were at a dinner party a few weeks ago.
There were 4 women at my table;
2 thin, 1 average, and 1 fat.

There was all sorts of zombie apocalypse talk going on
(which I, of course didn't participate in,
as I am completely uneducated on the subject)
and one of the skinny ones,
who was sitting next to me - the fat girl,
says to the other skinny woman,
"You could be on my team,
because you wouldn't eat much."
I'm not easily offended.
And I wasn't offended,
but y'all it has bugged me.

There is a very good chance that I eat less 
than both of those skinny girls.
(and the average-sized one, too)
but because of my size,
the assumption persists
that I,
and other people who carry excess fat on their bodies,
eat a lot.

And that is simply
(maybe even, often)

Rant over.


  1. 100% agree. I would also like to add to your rant that all fat people are NOT lazy. I can run circles around my younger (8 years) and thinner sister all day, every day. Maybe because I'm not bogged down by all the food I don't eat... :)

  2. goodness, there are so many reasons to carry excess weight! it's not a simple calorie in = calorie out game, especially with encroaching years. but i do know that i, personally, eat more now than i did when i was a super skinny mini. chalk that up to 7 pregnancies and all that breastfeeding "eating for 2". i got in the habit and my stomach likes it. plus, i'm a much better cook now than i was in the day.


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