Thursday, January 12, 2017

what's up, Pussycat?

How on earth are we over 1/3 of the way through January?!


I am *this* close to a quilt top!!

Last Wednesday, 
I took over the dining room for a day
(that was the plan. I am such a jokester)

I pulled the table out
(at an angle, so we could still get in and out of the room)
so I could hang batting on the wall
and sent kids to bring in the scaffold bench things
from the house.
(so much handier than chairs!)

I got all of my stars and swoons arranged

And added in strips and chunks of fabric,
and decided I needed another 31 stars
(6  4 inch stars, and 25 3 inchers)

that 'stained glass' was sure pretty to wake up to :-)
I immediately ordered a 3/4 x 1 1/2 in flying geese Bloc Loc ruler.
No way 
was I going to try for geese that small without one!
And while I waited for it to arrive,
I sewed 
and sewed.
And sewed. 
(still taking over the entire dining room.)

I spent as much time choosing fabrics
as I did cutting and sewing up the stars.

after all that deciding what fabric should go where,
I figured I best label them,
so I didn't have to re-figure out where each should go

I did my share of seam ripping, too.
it's just part of sewing for me,
and I rarely beat myself up over it anymore.

upside down. oops!

This quilt has been such a joy to work on

but even I am getting sick of the mess.
And my very patient husband noted Tuesday
that he was glad I'd have my own sewing space
in the new house,
and that I had sort of ruined the family meal table
(we've been having -  umm - 'dinner theater' every night for a week now)

what you cannot see in this picture
it the perpetual fabric mess just to the right...
The good news is,
I will return the dining room to its rightful state today!!


A few weeks ago,
my good tweezers disappeared.

After having a few 
"I'm 48 years old! 
I should be able to have my own pair of tweezers"
"A middle aged woman 
needs immediate access to tweezers at all times"
this little box showed up in the mail.
Thanks, Love.

They work just as well as my absconded with pair.
The only thing that would make them better,
was if they looked like they do on the box.
(instead they are black with polka dots.
Still very cute!)


My sister gave everyone fermented veggies for Christmas
and it was just the push I needed to make my own again.
Thanks, Ter!


The girls both got their first professional haircut yesterday.

I was hoping to learn something new 
to help me cut their hair more 'professionally'
it turns out,
I actually do a pretty good job.
Plus - at home,
they get to sit.
(Mrs. Pam isn't set up for kids,
so they stood 
while she sat as she cut, so she could be eye level.
It wasn't exactly the pampering experience I'd hoped for them.
Lexi, bless her heart, poor baby,
passed out
after having her chin tucked to her chest 
with hair in her face for 5+ minutes
while Mrs Pam cut.)
But - Mrs Pam fixed their hair after cutting,
which Momma never does....

pretty girls! Momma loves you!

Our appointments were actually scheduled for last week,
but Brandon was gone for the Passion conference,
so I had to reschedule.
Rescheduled for Friday,
and we cancelled due to SNOW.
(so yes, 
while I've had my quilting crap all over the dining room,
there was snow stuff all over the living room
and bathroom.
We had extremely low temps over the weekend,
and yesterday,
as we sat outside waiting for our appointment
it was sixty-some degrees!!

Crazy Arkansas weather!!
(But I am very happy for the reprieve from winter!)


My elbow.
Still bad,
I think I've found a treatment that is working!
I was able to pick up an empty coffee cup without pain this morning.
More to come on that in a few days.

I've got to get back to the sewing dining room
and get those blocks put together.


One more thing!!

I joined instagram.
I'm in the 21st century now!

You can find me here.
(but you'll have to forgive any newbie faux pas)

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  1. I love, love, love the quilt top! So pretty! Your girls are beautimous!


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