Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lex' sews some more

One of the things Lexi wanted for Christmas 
was a pink sparring gear bag
(to share with Lily)

To be honest,
I was a little surprised.
I would have thought she'd want pink gear.
But no,
all she wanted was a pink bag
to carry the gear she already has.

Brandon was going to buy her one.

But a few weeks before Christmas,
I was shopping at Hobby Lobby,
and of course,
walked through the fabric section,
and saw this owl fabric
that I knew Lexi would love,
and a light-bulb went off.

What if, instead of Brandon giving her 
a bag,
he gave her a kit
to make her own bag??

He was on board with the idea,
so I ran with it.

One day while they were at TKD,
I prepped the kit,
adhering the fusible fleece
and cutting out the pocket,
and the corners,
and even putting snaps in  a tiny bag,
so that all she had to do,
was start sewing.

I packaged it in a clear zipper pouch 
that Craftsy uses for their fabric.
It was cute, but you'll have to trust me on that;
I forgot to take a picture of it.

She had the option of closing it with snaps,
or a zipper,
and true to form,
she choose the more difficult route.

She sewed it up a few days after Christmas,
in just one day.

her first zipper!! at 7 yrs old!

The only thing I sewed was the zipper tab,
and I attached the straps and did the topstitching.

I probably should have just made her do those things, too,
but she was getting tired,
and she really wanted it finished,
and she didn't want wobbly stitches.

And hey - she didn't exactly ask for a kit anyways......

Lexi - Momma is proud of you.
You are eager to learn the best way,
even when it's not the easiest.
That's a good attitude to carry through life.

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  1. I love it! What a great gift. :) She did awesome!

  2. That is such a fabulous project and way to go for encouraging sewing young!! She must feel so proud of herself! <3

  3. She did a FABULOUS job on that bag!!! Definitely a "Proud Momma" moment.

  4. Thanks, Y'all!! :-) She is ready to embark on her next project....

  5. What a wonderful idea! The bag looks great; Lexi did a fabulous job. I hope she loves her new bag! Thanks for sharing on Main Crush Monday!


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