Saturday, January 28, 2017

visit with an old friend

I seem to be in a season of having difficulty getting to sleep.

It's rather frustrating.

After 45 minutes of lying in bed last night,
growing more awake, instead of less,
I got up,
pulled on my 18 yr old burgundy terry cloth robe,
slipped out of our room,
careful not to wake Tyler,
and headed to the computer.

Too tired to actually quilt, 
I figured I'd spend an hour
looking at other people's quilting 
and hope for some form of osmosis.

But one can only hope for osmosis so much,
before one realizes - it isn't going to happen.

beautiful quilting
will come from more time at the sewing machine,
not the computer
(though it does have a part...)

So instead of looking 
- again - 
for inspiration and how-to's,
I quietly crept back into the bedroom
and grabbed a book off the shelf,
already knowing just exactly where

I was smiling in minutes.

I read until I could barely keep my eyes open
(page 64)
and promptly fell asleep when I crawled back in bed.

Ahhh, yes.
A visit with an old friend 
was just what the doctor ordered!


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