Tuesday, January 31, 2017

cooking the books, sort of

I wanted to try new things in the kitchen this year.

I didn't exactly cook from books,
but we did try a few new-to-us foods
and even an actual recipe.

The kids and I went to the Asian market a few weeks ago,
and came home with
(among other normal-to-us veggies
like chayote and jicama)
guy goc 
(I am quite positive I've spelled that wrong, 
but that is how the gal pronounced it.
She said it translates to 'sweet vegetable'.
Guy goc (Sp!) is a leafy sort of vegetable,
that is cooked (often boiled) and served with meat.
I sauteed it with some other veggies
and topped them with fried eggs)
long squash
(that's what the box said)
fuzzy squash
(also what the box said)
and a huge daikon radish
that I used in the Pho.

We liked all of the new vegetables 
and I'll try to fit the Asian market in on at least a monthly basis,
if not bi-weekly.

The same day,
we also ran over to the produce place
on the north side of town,
whose name escapes me at the moment.

It's really not on our beaten path,
so I was somewhat relieved to discover
that the produce is neither less expensive,
nor of a better quality
than what I'm able to purchase from Aldi and Walmart,
so no need to try to add that to the shopping as well.

I also made mung bean sprouts
(which took for.ev.er to sprout and didn't seem to grow properly.
probably something to do with the veeery cold kitchen.
I finally called them done
and we ate them anyways.
I don't think the kids were big fans.)

Like I said,
I didn't exactly 'cook the books'
but I was a little more adventurous in the kitchen,
which is the whole point,
so I'm linking up with Julie's new cooking party :-)

(Oh. also worth noting -
I tried bone broth in the pressure cooker,
after my research didn't turn up anything
that suggested it wasn't as good for you
if it was made that way,
and it was so much tastier
than my usual broth made in the crockpot.)

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  1. Wow - I have never even heard of those new vegetables. It's always fun to try something different, I remember trying purple and orange cauliflower when the kids were little - they weren't impressed. Thanks for linking up with me this month.


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