Friday, December 9, 2016

five things on a Friday

Monday was our
Elders and wives appreciation dinner
Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

I didn't participate.

I mean,
I just don't get 
why one would want to purposefully look bad.

none of the ladies that had on Christmas sweaters
wore ugly ones,
so I'm not alone in my thinking,
I think)

did participate.

He used the same sweater he made last time,
and added lights and tinsel-y puff balls.

He said he was going to keep adding to it until he won.

I'm happy to announce he can retire the sweater.


The crud that he had 2 weeks ago,
He still has it.
And all of the kids have had to varying degrees,
though thankfully,
Brandon just today succumbed to it,
so he was able to get through his first semester of college 
without missing any 
due to illness.
I've had it for a week now,
and quite frankly - I'm done!


Speaking of Brandon,
and college,
I am so proud of that boy!
Regardless of his grades
(although it looks like he'll have either all A's,
or 1 B and the rest A's ~ so yay!!)
I'm proud of the way he has managed his time
and really just attacked every project and assignment.

College is a big change for most students,
but it's a huge change
for someone who has been schooled at home
his entire life,
and has been mostly self-taught for much of that time.
(My children are all so much smarter than I am.
I am more of a 'facilitator of learning'
than a 'teacher' when my kids get older)

When he left for his Calculus final today,
he said, "Not to brag,
but - it's really pretty amazing - all that I've accomplished!"

He's right!


Once again,
I haven't managed to get in any sewing this week.
The blocks that I have left in Jordan's quilt
are both complicated,
and I haven't felt well enough to tackle them.

I actually haven't even managed to get the fabric cut.
After spending about and hour and a half
over the course of 2 days
cutting 3 fabrics for 1 8inch block,
I decided I best just wait 'til I'm feeling better
and my brain's not so fuzzy.


I did however read a book
while I've been lazing about.

It's rather sad that I picked up three of the recent acquisitions
 I was keen to read,
and choose
based on largest font size.

The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club
was a reasonably good read.
Not so good that I'd read it again,
but good enough that I checked to see if our library had the sequel.
(it doesn't.  pooh.)


  1. I take my hat off to any Mum who has home schooled their children. I lose my patience just helping with homework from school. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. This was very funny. I giggled twice whilst reading this post and removing my bowels. 😂😂

  3. i totally don't get the ugly christmas sweater thing, either! i was in nordstrom's desperately hunting for a particular kind of skirt in the fall and saw purposefully ugly sweaters for $70+. i mean, if you're going to get one, just go to goodwill, for heaven's sake! why buy an expensive designer one?!


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