Thursday, December 29, 2016

bring. it. on.

I just realized
that for the first time in years,
I am not dreading 
the changing of the calendar.

I don't really have time to dwell on why that might be,
I'll just be grateful for it,
and move on.

As we move forward though, 
I want to take one last stroll through 2016.

It was a pretty busy year,
and chock full of learning new things.

Lily still does a lot of hand sewing,
but I think Lex' will do whatever it takes
to not have to sew by hand again.

Brandon learned how to lay block for a foundation.

And how to build  stairs.

We learned how to make a gorgeous cedar ceiling.

And how to pour a concrete pad.

We learned all about plumbing.

And wiring.

Yes. I know. There is not actually any wiring in this picture.... ;-)
That is because there are a million steps to everything.

Brandon's 'official learning' culminated in his high school graduation.
(and y'all - he made straight A's his first semester of college!
Even in Calculus!!)

I learned how to do mock trapunto 

And how to take fabric that is totally not 'me'
(and oh - I learned how to quilt feathers, too)

Lexi learned how to make a whole quilt,
from start to finish.

(and Lex' and Jeremiah learned how to play the ukulele,
and Josiah is just now learning how to play some kind of drum.) 
And I learned that I still do not like to paper piece!

And how to install doors.

And I learned that I can make a quilt pretty darn fast

Although - there is always room for growth in that area.

Here's to growing and learning and loving
in 2017.


  1. Happy New Year! Praying that the Lord leads you and your family again this year. May you always be sensitive to His voice! It has been fun following along your blog this year :)

  2. What a year! May the next one be full of love and health and happy moments! Happy New Year!

  3. Those doors!!! What an eventful and educational year you have all had. All the best for 2017.

  4. looks like a big year! but i'm betting you're ready to have that house finished and the calendar will have to turn for that, right? i'm totally ready to see this new year, too.


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