Saturday, August 6, 2016


Dad came down this morning to help get the front and mudroom doors in.

Based on how long the other doors took
and how heavy the front door is,
I expected it would take about 6 hours;
4 for the front 
and 2 for the mudroom.

It only took about 3 hours for both, though
(and it was only in the mid 80's, 
quite pleasant 
compared to the hundred degrees Bran and I have been working in)
so we worked on the back porch, too,
and finished the decking.
(though by then, 
the temperature had increased quite a bit,
we were in the sun.
So - not so pleasant....)

I've been learning a ton 
through this house-building venture,
and there are lots of things I can do by myself
(install (and wire) a ceiling box
and pretty much anything with Pex
for example)
but I'm not yet ready to install a door.
They seem awfully finicky to me.

You may remember that even though we splurged on the door,
we weren't just crazy about it.

But - it's grown on us,
and after we got it in,
Tyler and Brandon and I all agreed,
it was a really good choice.
(but still a bit fancy for our blood...)

The mudroom entrance.

that looks exactly like I've always imagined.

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