Friday, August 19, 2016

a quick trip

I was out working on the house
when the kids all came out to say goodbye.
They were heading to church
for the first of 5 days
of summer fun.

I called out goodbyes,
and reminders to be loving.
As they walked towards the van,
I thought,
"Now I can really be productive!"

And then immediately after, 
I said to myself,
"All you've done all summer
is try to get stuff done.
Not having the kids home for a few hours
isn't really going to change anything."

I sent Tyler a text
that summer was almost over
and I hadn't enjoyed the kids at all.

I've just been so focused on doing.

We decided then and there 
that we'd try to take a vacation.

The beach was out of the question,
but we figured we could do a few days in Branson.
And we could (finally) take the kids to Silver Dollar City.

So last week,
when most of the world was posting back to school pictures,
we took a little get-away
and spent some much needed time together -
enjoying each other,
and eating junk.

The forecast was pretty awful,
calling for rain Sunday - Wednesday
but the weather ended up being just about perfect
when we went to SDC.

(Josiah rode every single ride with his big bub.
The rest of us were a little more 'selective'...)

Thanks, Love!
(And thanks, Gramma and Grampa Bill
for the souvenir money :-) 

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  1. Yay for seeing the need and doing something about it. I'm sure your kids will treasure that forever :)


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