Friday, August 12, 2016

hexies for Laura

I had one more bag-as-money-holder graduation gift 
that needed to be made.

Seeing that graduations are in April / May,
and it was the tail end of July
before I got around to it,
and the gal it was for
 is just as sweet as can be,
I figured the bag needed to be
extra special.

I didn't want Laura thinking my tardiness
in any way
a reflection of how we felt about her,
and what better way to prove that
than a bag that takes ridiculously long to make?

I guess the bag itself
didn't take a long time,
just the making of the front fabric...

and thought that might be a fun one to do.

Let's just say if I were ever to make an actual 
modern hexie quilt,
I'd be using hexagons
waaaay bigger than an not quite an inch!

As much as I wanted it to,
the aqua with gold Xs just wasn't working for me
as the background fabric,
but I really wanted to use the C&S fabric.
(I thought it was just perfect for Laura!)

I wanted to use it so badly 
that I almost decided not to use my hexies,
even though I'd just spent an hour digging through scraps 
to find just the right ones
and another 3 hours making them...

I walked away from it for a little while,
and when I came back,
I decided I'd use the hexies
the Cotton & Steel,
I just wouldn't use them together together.

Satisfied with my new plan,
I cut a piece of sparkly fabric
(leftover from the church)
then pulled out the Elmer's 
and started glue basting hexies
once I was satisfied with my arrangement.

Then I marked quilting lines with my hera marker
and stitched across all the hexies.

For the back,
I just stitched every vertical row of gold Xs
with metallic thread.

After that, it was just the simple matter
of cutting a lining,
adding a zipper,
and sewing it all together.

Laura - we love you!
You are a most excellent young lady
and I am so glad I've had the privilege
of watching you grow up.


  1. I love the way you placed the hexies with a space between them instead of them all being attached to each other. It adds so much interest to the bag, and the quilting is fabulous! This is a great gift. :)

    1. P.S. The pics of your family are so sweet. I love the look of your blog header and all the larger pics along the sidebar. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  2. Great bag! I love your colors and the negative space you left. I brought some charm squares and mini charm squares with me so I could get a fabric fix while I wait for my machine to arrive here in Germany. But I have been too busy to pull them out. Yet again, you've inspired me. I'll have to dig them out of the suitcase and start hexing!


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